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Türkiye’de Her Sene Düzenlenen Hackathonlar

Türkiye’de Her Sene Düzenlenen Hackathonlar

Türkiye'deki popüler Hackathon etkinliklerini ve örnek projeleri keşfedeceğin bu yazımız sana bazı fikirler verebilir!

Annual Hackathons Organized in Turkey

What is a hackathon? It is one of the important questions that many people are curious about. Hackathon is a collaborative event where individuals with a common idea come together, work as a team in the same atmosphere within a specified time frame, and create innovative ideas, turning them into code. All the code related to the project, including the first and last lines of the transformed idea, should be written in the same environment. Hackathon participants usually go through a short training to gain knowledge about the process. It is important for everyone in the hackathon team to have a thorough understanding of the subject matter and for each member to put forth their best effort in order to achieve a successful outcome. At the end of the hackathon, participants are asked to create a website or mobile app prototype.

What is the Purpose of Hackathons Organized in Turkey?

Hackathon Turkey aims to organize and promote all online and local hackathons, makeathons, game jams, ideathons, and similar events both in Turkey and worldwide. It strives to stand out as a community consisting of volunteers interested in hackathons and also aims to teach and spread the hackathon culture to everyone it can reach. The Hackathon Turkey team regularly organizes hackathons with themes relevant to the current technology trends and thus facilitates the spread of the hackathon culture throughout Turkey. The Hackathon Turkey team aims for everyone in Turkey to say "we are coding, hackathon.

Which Hackathons Have Been Organized in Turkey?

Hackathons are organized annually in specific periods both globally and in Turkey. The first recorded hackathon in Turkey was organized by Netmera company in the summer of 2012. Since then, the number of hackathons organized has been increasing day by day. Here are some of the hackathons held in Turkey every year:

  • ING Hackathon: ING, a Dutch group with a presence in Turkey and operating in the financial sector, organized its first hackathon in 2014 under the title "Hack-ING" in line with its goal of being a technology company with a banking license. In 2015, they held their second hackathon to improve internet banking and offer solutions consisting of different options. In 2016, their third hackathon aimed to make banking transactions easier and implement inclusive banking products within their organization. In 2017, they organized their fourth hackathon without imposing any topic restrictions on participants, and in 2018, they held their first online datathon.
  • Anadolu Sigorta Hackathon: Anadolu Sigorta, established upon the request of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, is one of Turkey's oldest and first national insurance companies. Through the hackathons it organizes, Anadolu Sigorta aims to promote the development of digital technologies that will facilitate insurance operations. They organized their first hackathon in 2017, their second hackathon in 2018, and their third hackathon on the topic of "Internet of Things in Home Insurance" in 2019.
  • Genç Hackathon: Genç Hackathon, organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, aims to support the social development of young people and prepare them for professional life, as well as increase their interest in innovative ideas, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and improve youth employment through the benefits derived from the resulting projects. The first Genç Hackathon was launched in 2019, and the second one took place in 2020. Additionally, an ideathon was organized in 2020 specifically on the topic of “Innovative Ideas for Home Living.”
  • Hack'n Break: Hack'n Break, with the motto "A break for a better future," stands out as Turkey's first and only open innovation camp. Since 2016, Hack'n Break has been organized annually, bringing together Turkey's most qualified and creative individuals in the same environment to work and collaborate for a common purpose.

Hackathon Project Examples

Every year, hackathons are organized on various themes both globally and in Turkey, resulting in many projects. Here are some examples of hackathon projects:

  • Birlikte Al (Together AI): The "Birlikte Al" project is a crowdfunding project for real estate and aims to provide individuals who want to buy a house with the opportunity to create a portfolio by pooling their funds from bank accounts or, if they prefer, using micro-housing loans. They have created a platform where they can make joint real estate investments with the capital generated.
  • İstek mi İhtiyaç mı? (Desire or Need?): The "İstek mi İhtiyaç mı?" project provides an opportunity to reconsider online purchases before completing them, enabling more economical budget management.


In this article, we have provided detailed answers to questions such as "What is a hackathon?", "What hackathons are organized annually in Turkey?", and "What are some examples of hackathon projects?" If you have expertise in the field of technology and want to prove yourself, win prizes, and experience this challenge through technology career's hackathon competitions, you can check them out by clicking here!

If you say, "I don't settle for just a hackathon, I want to explore new job opportunities!", we welcome you to our technology job listings page, where you can shape your career.

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