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What’s a Hiring Challenge
What’s a Hiring Challenge

What’s a Hiring Challenge

Hiring Challenges are time-bound competitions where participants try to solve problems determined by companies on Android, iOS development, algorithms or coding errors.
Participants will be ranked according to:

Algorithm design,
Code quality.

Who Can Participate? 👀

  • Planning or already pursing a career in tech,
  • Interested in technology and want to prove themselves in this area,
  • Competent in the specific topic of that hiring challenge,
  • Can participate in Hiring Challenges free of charge!

What Awaits You? 🎯

Participate solo or with your team; learn & have fun
Show your creative thinking
Complete tasks using new technologies
Win prizes or a chance to land your dream job

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DevFest Eskişehir

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Hiring Challenge
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Hiring Challenge

A hiring challenge is a method used by employers to assess the skills and suitability of potential candidates. Organized for the purpose of selecting among the candidates who apply for a job vacancy, these challenges provide employers with the opportunity to test the skill level of candidates and verify their abilities. These challenges can be used in a variety of sectors and job positions. Employers can offer a series of tasks or tests that ask candidates to complete a specific project or solve a specific problem. Such methods help to assess not only candidates' theoretical knowledge but also their practical abilities, analytical thinking skills and creativity. This assessment method also allows employers to evaluate candidates' problem-solving skills, communication abilities and collaborative skills. Hiring challenges can be used as an alternative to the traditional interview process, as they allow candidates to demonstrate their skills directly. This method can help employers conduct a more objective decision-making process and provide a fairer assessment of candidates. The question of what is a hiring challenge can be answered as a method used by employers to evaluate candidates.

Where and How Do Hiring Challenge Events Take Place?

Hiring challenge events are usually held at employers' offices or at a specific venue. These events involve a specific test or set of tasks designed to assess candidates' abilities and suitability. Many companies organize hiring challenge events as part of the interview process. First, candidates usually go through a pre-assessment process on their application and then selected candidates are invited to a hiring challenge event. This event usually takes place on a specific date and time, at the employer's office or other suitable venue. Hiring challenge events can be organized in group or individual formats. In a group format, a number of candidates work on the same task or problem for a set period of time. This provides an opportunity to assess candidates' communication and teamwork skills. The individual format allows candidates to complete a task or test on their own, and can be suitable for assessing candidates' individual abilities and thinking skills. Hiring challenge events can often last for several hours or days. Candidates are usually given a deadline and expected to complete a specific task within that time. The tasks can vary according to the needs of the employer and the requirements of the position. Hiring challenge events are organized specifically for employers to assess candidates' abilities and suitability. These events take place at the employer's office or at a specific venue. They can be in group or individual formats. Candidates are given a set amount of time and are expected to complete tasks designed according to the employer's needs and the requirements of the position.

How to Apply for Hiring Challenge Competitions?

Applying for hiring challenge competitions usually takes place in a specific time and method determined by the company or organization. There are some steps that should generally be followed to apply for hiring challenge competitions.

  • Research hiring challenge competitions that you are interested in and would like to participate in. Check the resources of employers or organizations, such as their websites, social media accounts or job posting sites.
  • Each hiring challenge competition may have specific application requirements. It may require a certain age range, a certain level of education or a certain level of experience. You can carefully examine the application requirements and make sure you are eligible for the competition.
  • Information about the application process of the competition is available. The application may require filling in a specific form or the submission of specific documents (e.g. CV, resume, portfolio). Check the employer's or organization's website or an advertisement with instructions on how to apply.
  • Ensure that the information provided in the application form or requirements is complete and accurate. The application must be completed before the application deadline.
  • To ensure that the application is received, the communication channel indicated by the employer or organization can be followed. If necessary, they can be contacted to ask questions or request feedback on the process. If the application is accepted and qualifies for the next stage of the competition, preparation can begin. The rules and requirements of the competition can be read carefully and, if necessary, work can be done to learn additional information or improve skills.

These steps can be followed to apply for these events, and for extra information, you can search Google hiring challenge.


Hiring Challenge Events in Turkey

Hiring challenge events have been very popular in Turkey in recent years. This brings to mind the question of what hiring challenge means. It becomes popular among those who want to find a job using their skills. These events are competitions organized by companies to find talented and potential employees. These events, organized by companies operating in the information and technology sector, both help companies find the talented employees they need and offer career opportunities to participants. Hiring challenge events provide many advantages for both participants and companies. Participants have the opportunity to gain real work experience and improve themselves. Participants who perform successfully can often receive job offers. Companies, on the other hand, gain access to a large talent pool through these events and have the chance to evaluate potential employees directly. At the same time, it speeds up the recruitment process and reduces costs. In addition to all these, hiring challenge events in Turkey are becoming more and more important with the rapid growth of the IT and technology sector. Companies see these events as an effective way to find talented and qualified employees. At the same time, participants also use these events to start or advance their careers. Therefore, hiring challenge events in Turkey are expected to become more widespread and flourish in the coming period. 

Online Hiring Challenge Events

Online hiring challenge events are online events designed with various tasks, tests and activities for employers to evaluate candidates, measure their skills and select the most suitable candidates. These events are often used as part of the recruitment process and help companies to select the right person from the candidates. There are some commonly used online hiring challenge activities. The first one is online tests. Various online tests are used to assess candidates' knowledge, abilities and skills. These tests usually include questions in the areas required by the job and aim to objectively measure the candidates' performance. For a software engineer position, an online test that measures coding skills can be used. A second online hiring activity is simulations. Online simulations that mimic a specific work environment are used to assess how candidates would perform in real-world scenarios. These simulations aim to measure candidates' decision-making abilities, problem-solving skills and leadership abilities. The third activity is virtual group work. Online group work can be used to assess candidates' collaboration and communication skills. Candidates can be asked to work together on a specific project or make decisions together in a specific scenario. These activities are used to observe and assess candidates' teamwork skills. Finally, video interviews can be used for hiring challenges. Video interviews are used for candidates to express themselves, demonstrate their communication skills and answer questions. These interviews give employers a chance to observe candidates' body language, expressiveness and adaptability.


What is Hiring Challenge?

A Hiring Challenge is a competition organized to select suitable candidates for a specific job position or to evaluate talent for a specific project. Such competitions are usually conducted via online platforms, where participants are presented with a specific task or set of questions and their performance is evaluated.


Is it free to participate in the Hiring Challenge?

Usually, participation in Hiring Challenges is free of charge. The platform organizing the event should provide information about participation conditions and fees. However, most of the time, participants are not charged a fee.


How long do Hiring Challenge competitions last?

Hiring Challenges can vary in terms of duration. Some can be completed in a few hours, while others can take several days. The complexity of the challenge can vary depending on the nature of the task and the deadline set by the organizers.


What are the benefits of participating in Hiring Challenge competitions?

Hiring Challenges offer several benefits for both participants and employers. Participants have the opportunity to demonstrate and evaluate their skills. At the same time, employers get a chance to see the real-world skills of potential candidates. These competitions can also speed up the recruitment process and help employers hire the best talent.



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