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Tech Masters Bootcamp Program

Tech Masters Bootcamp Program

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WhatÔÇÖs a Hackathon?
WhatÔÇÖs a Hackathon?

WhatÔÇÖs a Hackathon?

Hackathons are competitions where tech talent interested in data science, product management or software, mobile app and game development participate, prove themselves ahead of others and win prizes or a chance to land a job. Hackathons can be organized by a company as well as a community or an NGO.

Participation changes according to hackathon setup; solo or team participations are possible. The aim is to code new ideas and/or products, impress the jury and be eligible for the prizes. ItÔÇÖs widely known that many companies launch the ideas that come up in hackathons, integrate them into their products and offer internships/jobs to the winners.

Who Can Participate? ­čĹÇ

  • New graduates or senior students planning a tech career
  • Juniors in technology field who want to develop themselves with latest technologies
  • Experts in certain areas of technology, yet want to expand their area of expertise by learning new fields,
  • Currently working on other professions, yet who are interested in technology and shifting their career towards this area can participate in bootcamps free of charge!

What Awaits You? ­čÄ»

Participate solo or with your team; learn & have fun
Show your creative thinking
Complete tasks using new technologies
Win prizes or a chance to land your dream job

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"Who gets the job?" Datathon

"Who gets the job?" Datathon

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