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To choose a new technology career Are you ready?

We have brought together dozens of technology positions that you often hear about for you! With the Career Guide, you will learn what technology positions do, their learning journeys and all the information.

Career Paths and Positions

Software Development

Software Development

Backend Developer

Start Climbing the Career Ladder

Start Climbing the Career Ladder

With Career Guide, you will have a unique career guide. You will get career ideas about the technology field you want to learn in this area, and you will climb the career ladder quickly.

You will find information about dozens of technology positions and learn the training and skills required for each position. You will find answers to questions such as what is the job description of the technology position you are interested in, what does it do, where does it work, how to be, what needs to be learnt, how to choose a career path with Career Guide.

With the career ideas you will gain, you will learn detailed information about all the positions you want to choose in the field of technology. If you are ready to climb the career ladder, start choosing and planning the most suitable career path for you right now!

Career Guide

All the steps you take in line with your competences and education level constitute your career steps. It is very important that you take firm steps while climbing these steps. A career process that is satisfying and encourages development facilitates your activities in business life. At this point, you need to act in line with a career guide. In the modern world where technology has developed so much, it is noteworthy that many sectors are affected by changes. In addition to the main sectors such as software and digital, it becomes possible to perform your profession in many fields. Technology-centred sectors allow you to always take a step forward while walking on the career path. What you need to do is to take appropriate steps in line with your interests and competencies. Before taking part in various professional groups such as software developer, web developer, android developer, you need to have knowledge about the relevant professions. All the information you need to learn before stepping into the software world is in the rest of the article.

What is a Developer?

There are various professions in the software world, which is among the prominent sectors. One of the popular professions of the software world is "developer", that is, application developers. Developers generally continue to work for similar purposes in the business areas where they perform their profession. Developers, who have a high possibility of development in the software sector, play a leading role in realising the projects that companies want to present to the outside. Developers, who develop applications and software systems within the scope of digital devices such as computers, phones and tablets, ensure the operation of software programmes by creating source code. People who perform their profession as developers make various plans and programmes as well as writing code. At the same time, application developers, who have various duties and responsibilities such as analysis and design planning, continue to work in the software industry by mastering different areas of expertise.

How to Become a Junior Developer?

Application development, one of the main professions of the software industry, is among the rapidly developing professions of the modern world. If you want to be a junior who wants to serve in the field of web developer, you first need to develop yourself in the field of software. Your knowledge and experience in the relevant field is important for you to stand out in this profession. In addition, there is no compulsory education requirement that you must have. Graduating from undergraduate departments such as computer programming and computer engineering can have a positive impact on companies with education criteria. In order to work in the relevant position, it is first necessary to know the answer to the question of what is a developer in a comprehensive way. In other words, you should have information about the general duties and responsibilities of the position. Before stepping into the profession, you should also consider whether you have the criteria of employers. If you think you are suitable for working in this field, you can apply to companies that publish job adverts and take the first step for your career ideas.

Which Features Should a Developer Have?

There are some basic features that people who want to work in different positions such as Discord developer should have. People who have the characteristics required by employers are one step ahead in situations such as job interviews and interviews. People who want to perform their profession in this field need to be able to make planned and careful implementation and planning. This is important for the testing phase and software development applications. Developers who should have a sense of responsibility should be loyal to the project deadline. The person working in the relevant position needs to prepare an appropriate programme to ensure that the work is completed within the specified time. One of the features that people who want to be a developer should have is the ability to think practically. The ability to operate effectively on platforms such as Google Developer Console is also among the sought-after features. Individuals who need to master technical details and software programming language should also follow the innovations in the software field regularly. 

How Many Types of Developers Are There?

The developer, who operates in the field of software, performs his profession in various fields of expertise. At this point, it is possible to talk about developers with different specialisations. When the mentioned specialisations are examined, the front and developer draws attention first. Front and developer, who codes the front side of applications and projects, also stands out as people who design sites and web applications. While ensuring that the projects appear correctly on devices, they get in touch with the end user. Another one of the developers is the back end developer. The back end developer, who deals with data storage, software system performance and utilisation, usually works on the processes in the background. Full stack developer stands out as another expert developer in this field. The full stack developer, who is on the clint-side and server-side of the projects, performs his profession in order to optimise the security of operations and the productivity of developers. Android developer, who develops products for Android programmes, works on interface designs and coding presented to the user. In addition to these, app and game developer are also among the specialities. You can take the first steps in your career in the field of game development as a junior game developer, and you can get the opportunity to rise as you gain experience.

What Does Developer Do?

Software development specialists, which have different versions such as app developer, have some basic duties and responsibilities. Professionals who develop products by using the codes of the required software and computer programmes closely follow the current processes in the field of software. Google developer determines basic system demands by identifying user needs related to software. Those who have duties such as preparing the designs needed in the field of software perform their profession by writing the codes needed. Tasks such as testing the codes they write and preventing a possible problem are among the responsibilities of this professional group. They also need to be active on platforms such as Apple Developer Console. They help prepare training documents and transfer their knowledge and experience in the relevant field. One of the main duties and responsibilities of those working in the relevant position is to provide training to software consultants. Preparation of design documents is also among the tasks performed by those working in this position.

What Does a Back End Developer Do?

Microsoft developer stands out as the person working in the background of software projects. The back end developer, who builds invisible systems and then writes the code, ensures that the projects they are responsible for run completely and smoothly. The back end developer, who develops software systems and has tasks such as data collection, storage and processing, is also responsible for database management. At this point, it is known that the back end developer also has duties such as setting up and designing database systems. One of the main tasks of the back end developer is to code and design APIs. At the same time, employees who are responsible for server management configure the servers required for the smooth operation of web applications and then perform the installation and management process. Like the Java developer, the back end developer designs software to analyse data and then performs coding operations.

Become a Developer?

People who want to work as PHP developers are searching for the answer to the question of why to be a developer. At this point, it should first be mentioned that software development is an ever-expanding field. Therefore, software development applications demanded by many industries make this profession attractive. One of the advantages of working as a Firefox developer is the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills. While working in the relevant position, you can search for solutions and have the opportunity to make complex problems more solvable. One of the advantages of working as a video game developer is to increase your creativity in the coding process. At this point, you can create innovative systems and provide new integrations to find the solution. It is also possible to gain knowledge about new technologies by mastering the project-based working structure. Another advantage of being a developer is the opportunity to learn continuously. By blending your technical skills with current developments, you can have more knowledge every day.

What is Data Management?

The process of collecting, storing and using various data in a secure and cost-effective manner is called data management. The main purpose of data management is to optimise the use of organisations, connections and various tools. During this process, data is used within the scope of policy and regulatory limits. With data analysis, it is aimed to make and implement decisions that will provide the highest benefit to the relevant institution. Data analysis performed with Python machine learning enables companies to access the data they need in a short time. At this point, data management strategy gains strength and manages to make a name for itself. It is seen that knowledge of the programmes required to manage the digital data in the relevant institution smoothly is important. 

What Does a Data Analyst Do?

People who perform their duties as data analysts are among the occupational group needed in many sectors. Data analysts who first analyse and interpret the data in the company records via computer and report them; They also have various tasks such as statistical detection and data processing. In addition, it is possible to list the general duties and responsibilities of data scientists as follows: 

  • To determine the methods of measurement and analysis of data,
  • Making the data obtained from the measurements more understandable,
  • Researching the financial records of companies,
  • Finding useful and simple solutions in machine learning,
  • Ensuring communication between companies,
  • Identifying business needs,
  • Producing business solutions that meet objectives,
  • Collaboration with a machine learning expert.

Data analysts, who are also knowledgeable about data warehousing, provide strategic and tactical support to the company they work for. The data analyst, who analyses the information collected from various sources, stands out with its business intelligence expertise as well as bringing business value to the relevant company.


What is a Database?

In general, an organised collection of structured data or information stored electronically in a computer system is called a database. The data contained in commonly used database types make processing and data querying more efficient. At this point, it is seen that the data is modelled in rows and columns in the form of an array. This makes it possible to easily access, manage, change, update, organise and control the data. The structured language defined as SQL is preferred for querying and writing in the database containing big data and other data. There are many different types of databases. At this point, the area of interest of big data management experts and other professionals may differ. Database types are as follows: 

  • Relational Database,
  • Object Oriented Database,
  • Data Warehouse,
  • NoSQL Database,
  • Graphics Database,
  • OLTP Database,
  • Open Source Database,
  • Cloud Database,
  • Multiple Model Database,
  • Document/JSON Database,
  • Self-Managing Database.

What Does a Database Specialist Do?

Database system; It draws attention with its physical storage of information, which has an important place for institutions. The data centre specialist, who has an important place in the establishment and design of this system, also performs various operations to ensure the security of the database. The duties and responsibilities of the database specialist are listed as follows: 

  • Performing logical data modelling operations,
  • Designing the physical database design,
  • Creating a physical database,
  • Writing queries using Transact-SQL programme,
  • Providing Microsoft SQL Server installation and configuration for database, 
  • Creating security methods for the security of the database,
  • Ensuring regular control, management and maintenance of the database, 
  • Backup and performance optimisation,
  • Performing various checks for high continuity of the database.

How to Become a Database Administrator?

There are a number of conditions that people who want to perform their profession as database system administrator will face. At this point, the first condition is the education requirement. People who want to become a database administrator must graduate from associate degree or undergraduate programmes such as Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Programming. In addition to graduating from university departments that provide computer education, it is important that the person concerned has a certain knowledge in the field of database and data security. At this point, at least 3-4 years of industry experience in the database field is required. Along with the basic conditions mentioned; people who have managerial qualifications, a careful and detailed structure, organisational skills and a good command of data security issues can have the opportunity to work as a database administrator.


What is Business Process Management?

Business process management can be succinctly defined as the strategic approaches of organisations. Within the strategic approaches of institutions; workflow optimisation in line with process targets, monitoring, determination and improvement of logical and situational modelling are included. During business process management, it is important that the process analyses of the relevant institution are carried out in detail and the steps are completed. However, business process management, which is an improvement-oriented management method, measures planning, activity phase and results. Since an unmanageable business process cannot be improved, measuring the activities and results stands out as an important issue. It becomes possible for an organisation that maintains projects with business process management to create a properly functioning system. 

What Does a Business Analyst Do?

Business analysts gain importance in predicting the requirements of organisations, evaluating business processes, producing solutions and revealing areas for improvement. Business analysts, who identify the needs of programmes and projects and communicate them to partners and managers, bring technical solutions to business problems. Other duties and responsibilities of business analysts are listed as follows 

  • Business analysts analyse business functions to identify operational goals and gather information. 
  • Creates diagrams and charts to ensure uninterrupted workflow. 
  • One of the duties and responsibilities of business analysts is to design changes and develop systems by analysing current practices. 
  • The project team and the business analysts who create the budget ensure that the systems become operational and then work on modernising them. 
  • Business analysts, who solve project problems and publish progress reports, prepare technical reports and make presentations.

What is a Software Tester?

People who test the problems of game systems or mobile applications are called software testers. Software testers, who also perform tests on various software, identify problems and run error correcting programmes when necessary. Software testers who perform their profession in various sectors have a number of duties and responsibilities. When the general duties and responsibilities of software testers are examined; 

  • Identify software problems and define problems,
  • Creating test plans,
  • Develop and manage test plans,
  • Performing tests and analyses on new software products,
  • Prepare automated test housing files,
  • Identify error problems and prepare reports for their solution. 

Software testers, who should have detailed knowledge and experience in their field, should also have good analytical thinking skills. 

What are Project Manager Duties?

People who manage the process from the beginning to the end of a particular project are called project managers. Project managers, who are responsible for all the details in the project production process, establish the team that will take part in the process, while also ensuring coordination between people. Information security experts and many other professionals are involved in the process. The duties of the project manager are as follows: 

  • To prepare a project presentation, 
  • To determine the people who will take part in the project process,
  • Organising meetings about the project,
  • To ensure communication between developers and project team,
  • To make time management,
  • Determine the deadline,
  • To perform performance control,
  • Budget management,
  • Measuring the impact of the change in the project, 
  • Organising training and seminars, 
  • To master all the details in the project process.


How to become a developer?

Software ranks first among the prominent sectors. One of the occupational groups that attract attention in the software sector is developers. Individuals who want to become software developers, ie developers, should develop themselves as much as possible in the field of software. At the same time, it is also important for developer candidates to master the current developments in the field of software and to improve their skills in the relevant field. By enrolling in software training institutions that organise various training and certification programmes in the field of software, you can become ready to step into the sector. In addition, receiving education from the relevant departments of universities is also among the beneficial steps to become a developer.

Which languages should the developer know?

With the increasing popularity of web applications and software systems, the need for developers is also increasing. JavaScript, CSS and HTML are among the indispensable programming languages that developers should know. At the same time, another vital language for developers is Node.js. Python programming language, which is very important in web development, should also be known. In addition to these; Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SQL, React, Angular, PHP, MongoDB, AWS and Azure languages are also important. In addition, knowing English makes it easier to learn and use these programming languages. 


Is university a must to be a developer?

Although there is no compulsory education requirement to become a software developer; graduating from departments such as Computer Engineering, Computer Programming, Computer Science can take the individual one step forward. The important point at this point is the principles of the company that needs a developer. Some companies require the developer to be a bachelor's degree graduate, while others may be experience-oriented. Therefore, the criteria sought in the candidate is important when applying for a job. Individuals who want to be a developer can make them stand out in the sector by basing their theoretical knowledge on practical knowledge.


Can you become a software developer by taking a course?

Many candidates who want to become a developer, that is, a software developer, are doing research on whether they can become a software developer by going to the course. At this point, it is possible to mention that you can become a software developer by going to the course. Individuals who are interested in the software field and have a certain knowledge in this field can bring their knowledge to a basic level by going to software courses. At the same time, thanks to software courses, it is possible to take the first step into the sector and master the basic knowledge in this field. At this point, rather than software courses, the person's interest and experience in the software field is required. 


Where to start for software?

People who want to start software should first have a detailed understanding of how computer units work. At this point, it is important for the individual to have a good knowledge of hardware. It is necessary to have information about hardware such as motherboard, memory, hard disc, monitor, video card, sound card, processor. The basics of computer science are also very important for people who want to start software. A comprehensive research on number systems, algorithmic approach, control structures and many other fundamentals is required. In addition to these; experience in propositional logic, algorithms, data structures, programming languages and types is required.


Where should I start to become a software developer?

Individuals who want to become a software developer from scratch should first concentrate all their attention and interest in the field of software. At this point, the target in the software field should be determined by the relevant individual and action should be taken accordingly. If possible, university education should be completed with a bachelor's or associate degree programme in which computer is dominant. Then, job opportunities should be evaluated to gain experience in the field of software and the first step should be taken into the sector. Individuals who have mastered the above-mentioned hardware knowledge and computer science basics and want to climb the career ladder in this direction may have the opportunity to perform their profession as a software developer.


What does Al Developer mean?

The term AI Developer usually means "Artificial Intelligence Developer". These are people who create software and algorithms to develop and use artificial intelligence applications.


What is Senior Game Developer?

Senior Game Developer describes an experienced and specialised game developer. They take a leadership role in the game development process, working on game mechanics, graphics, artificial intelligence, sound and other elements. They also often mentor younger or inexperienced developers.


Which languages should a front-end developer know?

A front-end developer is a person who writes and designs the code that creates the user interface of websites. This type of developer should know languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML specifies the structure of web pages. CSS organises the appearance of web pages, while JavaScript adds interactivity and dynamism to web pages. In addition to these languages, front-end developers should also be familiar with design tools, web standards and user experience principles.


What does iOS Developer do?

iOS Developer is a software developer who develops mobile applications for devices using Apple's iOS operating system. Developers working in this field create mobile applications for iOS devices using programming languages such as Swift or Objective-C. 


What does junior developer mean?

Junior developer refers to a level of developer who is usually less experienced and is new to software development. Junior developers may have basic skills, but need mentoring and learning to gain more experience and work on complex projects.


How to become a web developer?

To become a web developer, you need to follow some steps. Firstly, you should learn basic programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript. You need to learn web technologies and understand the working principles of applications. You can choose and learn a programming language such as Python or Ruby for backend development. It is useful to learn how to use web development tools and frameworks. You should gain experience by developing projects by practising.


What should a Full Stack Developer know?

Full Stack Developer is a type of developer who is skilled in both frontend and backend development areas. Full Stack Developer should learn both frontend programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React and backend programming languages such as Node.js, Python, Ruby, Java. They should have a good command of SQL or NoSQL databases, have knowledge of web server configuration and security issues, know how to use tools such as Git, have project management and communication skills.


What should a Game Developer know?

To be a game developer, knowledge and experience in some areas are needed. In order to work in this field, it is necessary to learn how to use game engines such as Unreal Engine, Unity. In addition, it is necessary to know languages commonly used for game development such as C++, C#, Python. It is useful to have 2D or 3D graphic design and animation principles. It is also important to have knowledge in different areas such as game mechanics, collision detection, motion calculations, level design, game experience organisation, sound effects. Game development covers a very wide area. Therefore, as a game developer, you can gain expertise in different areas. 


What should C Mobile Developer know?

C Mobile Developer is a specialist who develops software for mobile devices, usually using languages such as C and C++. This type of developer must firstly know C and C++ programming languages. It is necessary to have knowledge about the structures and SDKs of mobile platforms (iOS, Android). In addition, it is also useful to know compilation processes and memory management, data structure and algorithms, mobile application design and performance optimisation, development tools and debugging techniques.


Before we explore the areas of technology you are interested in in the Career Guide, we want to answer popular questions and topics for you. With this information, which will be very useful for your technology career, we are always with you as on everything you want to learn. Let's get started!
"How to become a software developer?" is one of the most important questions in the minds of many technology talents who want to make a career in this field. One of the most important steps for those who want to take a step in this field is to graduate from a computer science or software engineering department or to be "self-taught", also known as self-taught.

The word "developer" refers to a person who writes code and uses programming languages in the software development process.
As an answer to the question "How to become a junior developer?", which is usually asked by new graduates or those with little experience in the industry, doing an internship or gaining experience by taking part in open source projects is an important start in this regard. We also recommend that you don't miss the events of the companies that we have signed good projects with and keep an eye and ear on's announcements.

In answer to the question "What should people who want to be a web developer know?", we can say that they should know basic web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and they should also have knowledge about other components such as back-end technologies, web servers and databases. In answer to the question "How many types of developers are there?" we come across the fact that there are different types of developer positions. These include web developers, mobile developers, game developers and database developers.

If we look at the question "What does a junior full stack developer do?", people in this position are at the forefront of developing applications using both front-end and back-end technologies.

A software developer is someone who takes part in the software development process and writes code; a web developer is someone who develops websites or applications. An app developer is someone who develops mobile applications.

It is a very important stage for many software developers or software developer candidates to communicate while developing themselves. One of the best platforms for developers to communicate with each other is Discord. Discord developer refers to the person who develops applications for the Discord platform. Google developers is a platform that can be registered to access the developer tools offered by Google and a platform offered by Google to access the developer tools offered by Google.

In answer to the question "What does a developer do?", writing code and developing software or applications using programming languages are among the primary tasks.

Those who want to become a Java developer need to know the Java programming language. It is also possible to become a full stack developer. People in this position develop applications using both front-end and back-end technologies.
Finally, it is not possible to give a definitive answer to the question "How many years is a software developer?". The salaries of people working in this sector vary depending on factors such as experience level, position and company.



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