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What are AR, VR and MR and How are they used in Hackathons?

What are AR, VR and MR and How are they used in Hackathons?

AR, VR and MR technologies make it possible to create unimaginable worlds and find innovative solutions to real-life problems. Are you ready for an exciting adventure?

What are AR, VR and MR and How are they used in Hackathons?

AR VR MR are visual technologies that have found much more use with today's technological developments. AR enables the integration of virtual worlds created by computers with reality. The integration process is completed by adding virtual parts to everything that people perceive in their environment. With this feature, instead of creating a virtual world from the beginning, it transfers the existing world to virtual one. VR technology; A world created by the computer that is not real and only in the virtual environment. It works in the light of moving and previously uploaded data. By using virtual reality glasses, it allows the doors of different universes to open. MR is also known as a mixed reality system; it is called a hybrid system because it is like a mixture of the two. These systems, which bring together virtual objects and the real world, are designed to increase interaction with the user.

To give a common answer to the question of what is AR VR MR; They are technologies that enable the interaction of objects in the virtual or real world with people through the visualization process.

Hackathon; It is a program in which people who are experts in many software developments such as computer programming, graphic designers, interface designers, and company managers participate. These people prepare projects by collaborating among themselves. The goal that the people participating in these Hackathon events want to achieve is to produce functional software or hardware by the end of this event. Every conceivable opportunity in technology and software is used in these events.

The question of how to use AR VR MR in hackathons comes to mind in this sense. The software or hardware to be produced can be in the field of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. For this reason, the usage area of these software arises. Competitors who will compete in these areas should definitely research AR VR MR systems and decide which systems to use.

What are the Differences between AR, VR and MR?

These systems in the field of visual technology are designed to enable people to interact with their environment. This interaction refers to digital interactions. Each of these systems has different features and different areas of use. People who will benefit from these applications need to choose which system to use. Differences between AR VR MR systems;

  • VR systems allow interaction entirely on virtual worlds. It is completely computer-generated. AR systems, on the other hand, add a virtual world add-on to objects that can be physically interacted with in real life. It is possible to say these in terms of AR-VR differences. MR works in a more mixed way. It is more about people interacting with objects.
  • Another difference between these systems is the environment in which users feel themselves. In the virtual reality universe, people know that they are in a completely virtual world. In augmented reality systems, on the other hand, it is made to feel that there are objects from the real world. This difference also answers the question of what AR VR is.
  • VR, or virtual reality systems, is a simulation universe experienced in the first person, with interaction and various actions. AR, or augmented reality, is a universe that is also viewed in the first person, but to interact and take action in the real world. The MR system, on the other hand, incorporates both. It is different in that it aims for people to interact more.
  • Although there are some differences between them, these technologies, which often coexist, are used to create real or virtual universes through visualization. It is possible to use them together or separately according to the types of use between different business areas.

In Which Areas Are AR, VR and MR Used?

These technological systems have many areas of use. The areas of use increase continuously with the development of technology. In this way, the systems become technologies that are frequently encountered in daily life. The usage areas of AR VR MR systems are as follows;

  1. Education: With the widespread use of technology in education, these systems also enter into education. It is common to use them to demonstrate various experiments. It is possible to use these systems in terms of training with simulation content.
  2. Health: These technologies provide advance information about most diseases and facilitate diagnosis. During surgery, these systems also provide both safety and practicality.
  3. Defense Systems: These systems are useful in the military field through the images they provide. It is also used in training and decision-making processes.
  4. Aviation Industry: From the project phase to the production of airplanes, various prototypes are produced with the help of these systems. In addition, a simulation is created by using these systems together for flight training. They are also useful systems for measuring the performance of aircraft.
  5. Tourism These systems are used for a preliminary look at the places to be visited as a tourist or to visit places that cannot be visited in a virtual environment.
  6. Fashion and Design: Fashion shows and promotions can be held in virtual environments, allowing customers to easily examine products.
  7. Entertainment: These systems make daily routines like playing games and watching movies more fun and more realistic.
  8. Interior Design and Industry: When buying furniture or household goods, information is obtained with the help of these systems on how these items will stand on the houses. Likewise, in the industrial field, these systems are used by companies to improve their operational activities.
  9. Remote Working and Marketing: Thanks to these systems, it is possible to do international business easily. Thus, transportation to remote work areas is also provided. At the same time, the use of these systems is also common in terms of promoting products to people. Instead of simple and plain promotions, advertisements supported by augmented reality become much more impressive.

What are Augmented Reality Applications?

Augmented reality applications are encountered in many subjects that touch various points of life. AR systems, whose types and features change according to their usage areas, develop day by day so that the activities that people will do in daily life can be done comfortably in a virtual environment. With this development, people can reach the goals they want to achieve without getting up from their places and without any physical effort thanks to AR systems. Some of the usage areas of these applications are as follows:

  • Augmented reality applications are used by most major brands to offer customers the possibility to visit their company virtually and in real time. This is also used to create various advertising and marketing strategies.
  • These applications enable students to engage in an active learning process with different simulations in various branches of education. AR applications are divided into different types to suit each school level.
  • Augmented reality technologies are frequently used in computer programs and games. They are especially successful in increasing the realism of games.
  • In various business branches, these methods are also used to make graphics and company documents more visually impressive and understandable. These graphics become 3D and provide much more efficient results in terms of reading and analyzing.
  • These systems are also frequently used in drawing and project creation programs used in engineering and architecture.

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