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What is Ideathon?

What is Ideathon?

Are you ready to savor innovation and chase after new ideas?

What is Ideathon?

If asked what Ideathon means; it is a competition where participants are encouraged to come up with ideas either individually or in groups and try to solve a specific Ideathon topic within a short period. In its basic definition, it can be described as an idea workshop. Participants in Ideathon create and develop their ideas with the guidance of experienced mentors. Teams present innovative, original, and feasible projects to a judging panel and organizers award prizes to the top three teams.

How To Do Ideathon

The question of how how to do ideathon is also frequently asked. Firstly, all participants are informed about the theme and rules of Ideathon, mentors are introduced, and the duration of Ideathon for participants and the duration of their pitching sessions are explained. When Ideathon begins, teams brainstorm ideas about the Ideathon topic. Mentors visit the teams and challengers share their problems and ideas with a mentor who helps them with idea issues. During the Ideathon process, they use some common design models and, in a 4-5 hour idea marathon, teams showcase their ideas by presenting a prototype to the judges. Generally, after the presentations, the top three teams receive different awards. This stage answers questions about what Ideathon is and how the competition works.

Ideathon events can be organized for various purposes. What organizations should initially do is to achieve the desired outcome when Ideathon is over. The goal may be to solve a problem, introduce a new business idea, or identify and recruit innovative individuals to the team. Once the framework is established, the event should be planned in detail, mentors and training steps should be determined. Since Ideathon creates an environment for idea generation and brainstorming, organizations can quickly reach their goals with a multitude of ideas. Through Ideathons, companies can quickly generate many creative ideas. They can make faster decisions and reduce company burdens by using the time and budget allocated for a project or product more efficiently. A perfect example of Ideathon can be the famous Lays campaign where consumers were invited to find a new type of chips. It was organized as an open-ended Ideathon where all new ideas were welcomed.

Advantages of Ideathon

The question of what Ideathon is is as intriguing as its advantages.

  • It brings out the innovative side of participants.
  • Participants can showcase their ideas and skills to organizations and society.
  • It fosters collaboration between society and people and companies.
  • It is important for the development of industries and the country.

What is Youth Ideathon?

The answer to the question of what Youth Ideathon is can be described as a workshop of ideas organized to quickly achieve results in projects produced to support the professional and social development of young people by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The Ministry of Youth and Sports aims to develop ideas in collaboration with young people in areas where the organization needs and new services can be created.

What is the Difference Between Ideathon and Hackathon?

Hackathons can be described as marathon programming events that last for 2 days or more. Often, programmers and designers stay at the location of the event and code all night. The contents of Ideathon, what Ideathon is, and how it is done are curious. Ideathons are brainstorming activities that typically last between 1 to 5 hours, depending on the number of participants. Participants come up with ideas, present them for feedback, and are told what to work on or how to proceed. Ideathons are not limited to a single common theme. Many Hackathons essentially include Ideathons. The most significant difference between Ideathons and Hackathons is that Ideathons are primarily at the idea level in terms of the purpose and outcome of the event. In Hackathons, a product or product prototype is presented to a jury as the final product. In Ideathons, presentations are at the level of an idea or proposal.


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