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Mobidictum Conference 2023 Brings the World Gaming Industry Together!

Mobidictum Conference 2023 Brings the World Gaming Industry Together!

We can't wait to share with you what we've learned at this unique event; If you're ready, let's discover the latest innovations in the gaming world together!

Mobidictum Conference 2023 Brings the World Gaming Industry Together!

Enchanting and drawing more and more people in with each passing day, the ever-competitive gaming industry is becoming one of the determinants of how technology will shape in the future. Emerging technologies, marketing strategies, and many other elements continuously drive the motion of the gaming industry. Of course, this motion also brings new opportunities for players, game developers, and investors. Serving as the dynamo of this dynamic ecosystem, the Mobidictum Conference gathered gaming enthusiasts and professionals this year to revive the industry and guide innovations. Taking place between September 5-6, 2023 at the Halic Congress Center in Istanbul, Mobidictum Conference 2023 stands as the region's largest gaming industry conference. Supported by the Ministry of Trade again this year, the conference offers quite satisfying content.

All Aspects of the Gaming Industry Under the Scope of Mobidictum Event

Like last year, the Mobidictum Conference brought together all aspects of the gaming industry with participants through the participation of hundreds of brands and contributions of dozens of speakers. This year's conference content is grouped under eight main titles. To list them:

  • Acquisition/User Acquisition: User acquisition, one of the most important aspects of video game marketing, becomes an effective factor in achieving success in developed games. Numerous parameters are found in the user acquisition process, ranging from analytical tools to advertising campaigns. Within the scope of the Mobidictum Event; issues such as how numerous players are ready to step into Web3 gaming and how users can be channeled to specific games through trends on platforms like TikTok were addressed by experts in the field.
  • Publishing/Game Publishing:  Valuable in terms of increasing the visibility of developed games in the market, publishing includes sub-headings such as licensing, distribution channels, and publishing models. The process from game development to publishing in the hyper-casual game market, where Turkey has gained global recognition, was detailed by speakers at Mobidictum Conference 2023.
  • Mobile Gaming/Mobile Games: With a market 2.7 times larger than other platforms and increasing weight in the gaming industry, mobile games are expected to generate a total revenue of 108 billion dollars in 2023. According to Statista, mobile games, which constitute 74.4% of digital game revenues, found a place in different topics shared by various speakers under the "Mobile Gaming" heading at the Mobidictum Conference.
  • PR & Localization/Public Relations and Localization: How Turkish game developers can better adapt their games to different markets and cultures directly determines the sales graphs of the games. A similar situation applies to the localization of games brought to the Turkish market by foreign developers, specifically in the Turkish language. Gamers, even with good English, enjoy playing games presented with good localization in their own language. Osman Erkol, the CAO of 23 Studios, which has gained appreciation with impressive localizations for AAA games, and other names gave very valuable information to the participants with the “Localization 101” panel.
  • Web3 & Blockchain/Web3 and Blockchain Technologies: Exciting developments for both technology enthusiasts and players, Web3 and blockchain technologies closely concern the gaming industry. Blockchain-based games, token economies in games, and NFTs were one of the important topics of Mobidictum Conference 2023. Special sessions on understanding Web 3.0 opportunities gave different visions to conference participants.
  • Marketing: How well a game is marketed, as much as how good it is, can determine its place in the industry and its value in the eyes of players. Among Us, which achieved sales records by becoming popular among Twitch broadcasters in later periods despite being developed and published much earlier, reveals how important marketing is. Playable ads and interactive marketing were discussed in sessions like leveling up the marketing strategy within the Mobidictum Event.
  • Monetization/Revenue Models: In recent years, not only in mobile games but also in PC and console games, in-game purchases and micro-payment methods constitute the main revenue models for game developers. In addition, subscription models and advertising revenues increase the earnings from games. Many sessions focused on revenue models, including increasing revenues with data science-based advertisements, were held at the Mobidictum Conference.
  • Investment & Business/Investment and Business Opportunities: As the gaming industry continues to be a growing ecosystem with investors and entrepreneurs, ways to receive investment for game developers and valuation strategies for developed games are gaining importance in the game production/distribution phase. Barış Özistek, the CEO of Boğaziçi Ventures, provided valuable information on this topic.

Mobidictum Conference: The Ideal Environment for Networking and Business Opportunities

Thriving and succeeding in the fast-growing and dynamically changing game industry involves more than just having a good game idea or sustaining a creative marketing strategy. This is where networking comes into play. The Mobidictum Conference 2023, hosting many well-known guests nationally and internationally, offers invaluable networking opportunities for both game developers and industry professionals and investors. The Mobidictum Event not only imparts knowledge and experience to participants but also provides the opportunity to meet influential and significant personalities in the industry. Specially designed networking areas and booths during the event facilitate the emergence of new business partnerships, mentorship relationships, and investment opportunities.

Serkan Özay, the founder and creative director of Hero Concept, which made waves worldwide with its game called Mayhem Brawler, was present at the event as a significant mentorship figure. In his session, he shared invaluable information for young people curious about game development, discussing how to manage the beta test process of an independent game, beta test user profiles, and potential negative situations to avoid. Let's not forget to add that the early version of Mayhem Brawler 2 was also presented to the event participants, and those who experienced the game expressed that they loved Mayhem Brawler 2.

There were also speakers who discussed impressive topics related to how networking and partnerships can significantly contribute to new gaming companies. Under the title “The Rise of New Game Companies: Challenges and Success Stories,” Burak Akmenek, a veteran of the industry known from game magazines such as Level and Oyungezer, shared valuable insights with the participants.

Participants who purchased Professional + Business tickets for the Mobidictum Conference had the opportunity to expand their networks by attending the Networking Party. This event, especially valuable for developers who have brought their projects to a certain level of maturity, contributes to Turkey gaining a larger share in the game industry.

Strong Sponsor of Mobidictum Conference:

More vibrant and full compared to the 2022 event, the Mobidictum Conference 2023 offers great opportunities for those wishing to build a career in this enchanting world and climb career ladders quickly while addressing many topics related to the gaming industry. At this point,, the main sponsor of the Mobidictum 2023 Conference, steps in with its vision and services offered. We at aim to connect talented individuals active in technology, software, and gaming industry in Turkey with leading companies in the industry. We support those wishing to progress in these fields by organizing free bootcamps and training camps, helping them to be a step ahead in the industry. Thus, talented developers, designers, and professionals showcasing their skills in other branches can elevate their careers to the next level. In addition, by collaborating with events like Mobidictum Event, which make a name for themselves worldwide, we help young talents enhance their knowledge and experience in their fields. On the second day of the event, Marketing Manager Begüm Uslusoy emphasized the importance of in this context during the panel titled “Education and Career in the Gaming Sector.

As conveyed by Marketing Manager Begüm Uslusoy, companies nowadays are offering job opportunities by facilitating transitions between companies for existing employees. We at aim to slightly change this structure and support the growth of the industry by organizing programs called bootcamps. We conduct completely free training camps for candidates in fields catering to digital talents such as software/design/game development. We bring these friends together with the leading instructors of the industry and provide live training.

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If you too are aiming to build a career in the gaming industry, you can check out the job postings offered by, improve your skills with Bootcamp trainings, or prove yourself by participating in the next Hackathon event. Moreover, by joining the active Discord channel, you can communicate with industry professionals and other talented individuals, and easily elevate your career to points you couldn't even dream of.

Frequently Asked Questions about

  • What qualifications should I meet to apply for job postings?

For those aiming to build a technology-focused career, the listings on, which contains countless postings for different positions, vary according to the individual requirements of companies. Some companies consider the applications of inexperienced workers within the framework of their existing abilities, while some companies look for several years of experience for open positions.

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  • What are the participation requirements for Bootcamp?

To participate in the Bootcamp, a free learning marathon organized for topics in many information fields such as data science, software technologies, and product management, you must be going to graduate within the year, be a recent graduate or have graduated in recent years, and not be working in a full-time job. In addition, if you have just started a software career and want to further develop yourself with current technologies, you can apply for Bootcamp programs.

  • Is there a fee for Bootcamp training?

The Bootcamp, which is organized to bring talents who will be able to work as a software developer in companies at the end of training lasting 6 to 8 weeks, is completely free.

  • What are the participation requirements for Hackathon competitions?

You can participate in Hackathon competitions, where you will try to pass the jury evaluation after pouring your ideas or products into codes within a certain time frame, if you are interested in software and think you are familiar with the content of the competition.

  • How long is the Hiring Challenge duration?

The duration of the Hiring Challenge competitions, where you will solve the problems predetermined by the companies on the platforms within a limited time, and collect points in areas such as speed, algorithm design, originality, and code quality, can vary from event to event.

  • How can I join the Discord channel?

You can easily join the Discord channel of, which is growing a little more every day in the community area, by following the relevant invitation links on the page, and stay in touch with hundreds of people curious about technology.

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