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Model United Nations (MUN) Simülasyonuna Yeni Bir Bakış Açısı: Model Global Actors (MoGA)

Model United Nations (MUN) Simülasyonuna Yeni Bir Bakış Açısı: Model Global Actors (MoGA)

We invite you to explore MoGA and MUN simulations to take on your role on the world stage and become a global leader!
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A New Perspective on Model United Nations (MUN) Simulation: Model Global Actors (MoGA)

The Model United Nations (MUN) conference, which discusses global and environmental issues, has piqued the curiosity of many. During this conference, speeches and discussions by students shed light on worldwide problems, and various solutions are generated. In short, the MUN system is among the applications that provide great opportunities for solving global issues. In addition to all this, participating students are given the chance to engage in post-conference activities. By attending festivals and performances, students can derive high efficiency and gain advantages. Therefore, positions hold significant importance in MUN. Each student attending the MUN conference is awarded a participation certificate, which can be included in their CVs.

Just being a student is not enough to participate in the conference. Individuals who wish to attend the conference must meet certain requirements. If you also want to participate in the conference and contribute your thoughts to solving the world's problems, you can find information about the conference participation requirements in the following content.

How to Participate in Model United Nations Conference?

To participate in Model United Nations (MUN) conferences, which are held in many countries around the world with the participation of numerous individuals, certain rules and procedures need to be followed. Students who wish to attend MUN conferences should first visit the student affairs office at their respective universities or apply through the conference's website. After completing the application process, it is important to meet the required conditions for participating in the conference, as specific criteria are set each year for attending the Model United Nations conference. Additionally, since the speeches and debates at the conference are conducted in English, individuals who want to participate must have a good command of English. MUN, therefore, is among the conferences where participation is open to those who meet certain criteria.

If you meet these requirements, you can submit your application during the application period before the conference takes place. By doing so, you can create your application smoothly and ensure that your application process is completed without any issues.

Model United Nations (MUN) Konferansına Katılmanın Avantajları Nelerdir?

Participating in a Model United Nations (MUN) conference offers several personal advantages. When looking at these advantages, they can be listed as follows:

  • It is possible to meet new people and establish friendships, allowing for interactions with individuals from various fields and the development of communication skills.
  • One can gain knowledge about many global issues, especially diplomacy, and other global challenges worldwide.
  • The development of leadership skills is facilitated.
  • English language skills can be improved, along with the ability to communicate effectively in English.
  • Persuasion skills can be honed.
  • Participation in social activities is possible.
  • One can obtain certificates.

The greatest advantage of this activity is to ensure that future generations live in a better world and to create solutions for potential problems. Students who participate in the program not only see themselves as individuals but also as valuable contributors. They realize that their ideas can impact the entire world, reach everyone, and most importantly, make a difference in the course of events. As a result, it becomes inevitable for individuals who perceive this to be more productive in life. Therefore, it is observed that conferences and simulations provide numerous contributions and advantages both materially and spiritually to their participants.

What is MoGA (Model Global Actors)?

MoGA, which is rapidly spreading worldwide, is attracting the attention of many people, and the question of what MoGA is is being increasingly asked by individuals. MoGA is a simulation that is widely used today. This program, created for students around the world to make abstract and theoretical concepts tangible and to gain experiential knowledge, holds great importance. Essentially, Model Global Actors (MoGA) is developed based on Model United Nations (MUN), addressing the shortcomings of MUN and transforming it into a simulation. Many things are being wondered about the MoGA simulation. So, what exactly is this new MoGA simulation?

When other actors are added, it can be seen that progress is made in a way similar to MUN. This means that there is a shift not only in methodology but also in epistemology compared to MUN. For example, instead of focusing on what and how to change, the focus is on who to change. As actors change, it is inevitable that there will be some changes in the organizations as well.

For MoGA to operate smoothly, the first step is to determine the topic. After the topic is determined, for example, if the theme is "environment," the planning is done not based on the current year but the next year. This way, the conference is conducted with foresight, and ideas on how to prevent negative events in the future are put forward. The assumptions made by the students are also examined in this context. This situation is often exemplified by Newton's cradle.

According to Newton's cradle, the cradle in which the balls are located is referred to as MoGA. The ball on the far left represents the time that has passed until 2023 and appears as the realized ball. The stationary balls represent the students' abilities to express themselves, their powers of influence, and their skills in impacting others.

The balls on the far right represent the year 2024. In MoGA, the future up to 2024 is not passive. The year 2024 is considered as if it has already happened in the conference held in 2023. This means that participants imagine the year 2024 in the conference held in 2023. Thus, many things discussed in the conference are future-oriented, and solutions for the future are sought. This allows for investment in the future. It becomes possible to identify many problems in advance, and different solutions can emerge for these problems. Especially, through these conferences and simulations, it is possible to learn how young minds approach problems. Individuals can freely express their ideas and see that their ideas are being used.

How is MoGA Implemented?

After the question "What is MoGA?" another frequently asked question is how MoGA is implemented. This simulation consists of several stages that are applied one by one, leading to the desired outcome. So, what are these stages?

Firstly, it is necessary to determine the topic to be discussed during the conference. This topic is usually related to the environment. For example, environmental pollution or natural disasters can be given as examples. In this article, we will take the example of the "Environment" topic. After the topic of the environment is chosen, a declaration is prepared based on this framework. The prepared declaration addresses the potential negative events expected to occur in the future. Thus, students determine what they will represent in the simulation, such as institutions, companies, and governments, before the conference. Based on the established rules, students make their selections and can choose various organizations such as WHO, Tesla, or the European Energy Commission. Once all the selections are completed, deductions are made based on the chosen topic, and new ideas are generated. These ideas are used particularly in finding solutions to different problems that are important for the world. With the collection of solution proposals, various reports are created and these reports are carefully recorded for the future of the world.

The ideas discussed on the topic of the environment are evaluated not based on the current world but within the framework of possible situations one year later. After the evaluation process, conceptualizations are made. For example, instead of focusing on the environmental pollution that occurred in 2023, the focus is shifted to the possible environmental pollution problem in 2024 and ideas for solving this problem are developed. After the ideas are developed, reports are created. Realistic solutions are addressed, and the resulting reports are recorded as a pathway to the solution. An important and noteworthy point here is that participants are able to express their ideas freely.

What is the Importance of Model United Nations (MUN)?

The MUN conference, which has international significance, is seen as a shared platform for the development of students. Participants in the conference can freely express their thoughts. All the problems in the world are discussed in the conference, and efforts are made to generate solutions. If students have solution proposals, they can present them during the conference and benefit from the ideas of other participants. Students from different countries can share the existing problems and their solutions in their own countries. In the United Nations, all these issues are compiled into reports, and the proposed solutions are of great importance for the whole world. MUN conferences generally discuss topics such as global warming, potential scarcity worldwide, unemployment rates, and inequality of opportunities. Discussions are held to address these problems that will greatly impact the world. In short, the question "What is MUN?" can be answered in this way.

Before MUN conferences are held, students who will participate in the conference prepare for the conference speeches by conducting various research. During this preparation process, they also brainstorm solution proposals. In their research, students need to address not only the problems occurring in their own countries but also issues that concern the world as a whole.

During the speeches held within the MUN conference, all problems and solutions are comprehensively evaluated. Resolving the problems occurring worldwide is crucial at this stage. Especially in today's world, where issues such as unemployment and global warming are prevalent, students' views on these topics are given importance. All speeches are compiled into a report and sent to the headquarters of the United Nations in New York City.

In MUN conferences, the discussion of the documented views and all solution proposals plays a significant role in reaching solutions. Therefore, attention is paid to how students perceive the problems from different perspectives.

What are the Differences and Advantages Between MoGA and MUN?

Although Model Global Actors (MoGA) and Model United Nations (MUN) are generally seen as similar simulations, there are differences between them. Therefore, it is important for individuals to have a comprehensive understanding of these two simulations and applications. The advantages of MoGA compared to MUN can be listed as follows:

  • Time frame: In MoGA, projects and ideas are developed based on the year following the simulation. This means that an event that will take place in 2023 is perceived as taking place in 2024, allowing for the generation of highly creative solutions.
  • Participation beyond state actors: These simulations show that not only states and state representatives but also individuals have the potential to find or contribute to global solutions. Participants can freely express their thoughts, and various efforts are planned to solve global problems. This highlights the value of individual contributions.

Considering these two points, the differences between MoGA and Model United Nations can be examined in detail. 

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