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PHP Podcasts You Must Listen To

PHP Podcasts You Must Listen To

We have compiled PHP Podcasts that we think will be useful for you.
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Becoming a web developer means embarking on a continuous learning journey. A good web developer must constantly improve themselves, keeping up with new technologies and current developments closely. Trainings and documentation on current software technologies are among the most important resources for gaining knowledge on new subjects. Another significant source of information is undoubtedly podcasts. When you take a few minutes to try listening to some good podcasts, you'll be amazed at how these resources can nourish you. Moreover, you can turn it into a fun activity to utilize your spare time. You can listen to your favorite podcast channels while exercising, eating, traveling, or even before falling asleep, acquiring bite-sized pieces of information from experienced developers.

Best PHP Podcasts

Let's take a closer look at 15 podcasts that every PHP web developer will enjoy listening to.

1. PHP Roundtable

The PHP Roundtable podcast, broadcast live on YouTube and signed by Sammy K., hosts millions of followers for quality discussions. If you want to explore different aspects of PHP and be informed about new technologies, you can follow this channel. You can expand your PHP knowledge with podcasts about self-taught PHP programmer's technical interview recommendations and everything about WordPress.

2. Laravel News

It's the perfect time to dive into the details of the widely used Laravel framework. Laravel News, featuring heated discussions on current Laravel topics, is a popular podcast on the radar of PHP developers. You can access popular broadcasts about tabulating data, scanning the DOM, mixing up API documents, or forging with zero downtime on this channel.

3. Voice of the elePHPant

As fun as its name suggests, the content of the Voice of the elePHPant channel is a valuable resource in the web development field with thousands of subscribers. Covering the latest developments in the PHP world, the channel hosts important programmers like David Bisset, Michelangelo van Dam, and Matthias Noback, touching on almost every topic related to PHP.

4., broadcasting on various platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and TuneIn, is among the significant PHP podcast publishers. Prepared with contributions from Patrick Harrington, Jonathan Melville, Andrew Welch, Michael Rog, Earl Johnston, Lauren Dorman, Matt Stein, Marion Newlevant, Jennifer Blumberg, Ben Croker, and Ryan Irelan, the podcast makes significant contributions to modern web development processes. You can follow the devMode podcast to get information about the latest tools and technologies accepted in the market.

5. PHPUgly

Continuously growing with the support of new participants, PHPUgly stands out with its fun podcasts. If you're looking for a talk show-style broadcast, you're in the right place. Stories shared by Eric, John, and Thomas unveil the hidden aspects of PHP. From artificial intelligence realities to Laravel Prompts documents, JetBrains features to start-up establishment adventures, you can encounter unique content on almost any topic.

6. Coding Blocks

Among the impressive software channels in recent years, Coding Blocks is presented by Allen Underwood, Joe Zack, and Michael Outlaw. This channel shares essential tips on how to be a better software developer. Important topics such as how to debug, what to consider when preparing a prototype, why elastic search is important, and how to choose PHP frameworks are covered.

7. PHP Architect

On air since 2002, PHP Architect contains valuable information about basic PHP architecture. The struggles between classical approaches and modern PHP frameworks are conveyed in all their simplicity. How can a high-performance PHP architecture be created without compromising quality, or how do PHP developers overcome the problems they face every day? You can learn all these from PHP Architect podcasts.

8. Code Pen

Providing a social development environment for web developers, Code Pen allows you to showcase your work, instantly view and test the code you write, thanks to advanced IDE tools. Code Pen, the go-to place for those who want to look at software through a broader lens, brings together the best developers in the industry at the same table. Podcasts published on the channel shed light on topics such as modern design architectures, database security vulnerabilities, or debugging tools used during coding.

9. Software Engineering Radio

The radio channel for software engineers, Software Engineering Radio, keeps the pulse of the industry and focuses on the most important software trends. Interviews with experienced developers in the community bring to light current issues and valuable developments. With hundreds of podcasts sharing knowledge in almost every field, important developments about PHP are also discussed. From cybersecurity talks with Charles Weir to podcasts with CEO Zach Lloyd, you can find all types of discussions on this channel.

10. PHP Internals

Among the popular PHP podcasts, PHP Internals is one of the channels frequently visited by software developers. Owned by Derick Rethans, the podcast channel deeply analyzes and discusses the most common PHP problems. For detailed information on everything related to PHP, from deprecated package extensions to the latest system versions, keep following this channel.

11. That Podcast

Broadcasted by two esteemed technology experts, Beau Simensen and Dave Marshall, That Podcast offers guiding content for amateurs or professionals curious about software. From the most basic software development conversations to experiences of influential developers in the industry, road maps for beginners in software, to Q&A sessions, you can encounter all sorts of discussions on this channel.

12. Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Published on the Apple Podcasts portal, Eat Sleep Work Repeat is a channel where valuable information on work ethics, work culture, work tips, and productivity is shared. Managed by Bruce Daisley, the channel hosts expert software developers, psychologists, scientists, business people, and athletes. Interactive sessions delve into what the secrets of focused work are, how the dynamics that create teamwork are determined, and how intergenerational conflicts are resolved.

13. Bits and Trees

Specially prepared for software developers, Bits and Trees podcasts deeply discuss news in the software world and key software technologies like current PHP versions. It's possible to encounter a plethora of informative content on this channel, from product engineers who breathe life into software infrastructures to discussions on ethics and fundamental values in software.

14. The Web Ahead

Led by Jen Simmons, The Web Ahead stands out with podcasts illuminating the future of software. The channel, which deals with futuristic technologies like the future of artificial intelligence, innovative web design solutions, smart automations, and algorithmic systems, also features many world-famous guests.


Presented by Emma Gannon, CTRL ALT DELETE is another significant podcast that progresses with spontaneous interactions, offering enjoyable moments to listeners. With over ten million followers, the channel features well-known figures from the technology industry. The weekly podcasts cover various topics such as the necessities of the digital age and the impacts of technological habits on human life. For a break from PHP discussions and to make the most of the remaining time, you can check out these fun podcasts.

Where is PHP Used?

PHP, an open-source programming language known as Hypertext PreProcessor, offers developers the opportunity to develop various projects in different fields. Being a language that can be embedded within HTML, PHP allows you to perform HTML markup without the need for numerous commands and to design web structures in a practical manner. The ease of use of PHP makes it a fundamental integrator for both back-end and full-stack web development processes. With built-in security features such as data encryption and access restrictions, PHP facilitates the secure structuring of web systems.

Frequently chosen for creating dynamic websites and applications, PHP is a general-purpose and server-side scripting language. Its server-side scripting capabilities strengthen PHP's position in the back-end development field. Tasks such as pulling data from forms, preparing dynamic page contents, managing databases, creating admin panels, and manipulating cookies can all be accomplished with PHP. Moreover, versatile CMSs (Content Management Systems) like WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, and WooCommerce also come with PHP support.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using PHP

Let's quickly look at the main advantages and disadvantages of PHP, which is preferred in web-based projects, CMS solutions, and the development of big data applications.

Advantages of Using PHP

  • Accelerates the learning process with extensive documentation and understandable syntax.
  • Ensures easy creation of different working environments through a smooth installation process.
  • Being a cross-platform programming language, it is ideal for managing various projects.
  • Its compact structure allows for easy integration with databases and can be compiled by developers in a practical manner.
  • Core code directories are executed on the server side, and embedded codes within HTML are executed in the browser.
  • It is among the world's most popular programming languages and has active community support.
  • Can be used with popular databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and Interbase.
  • Plugin support allows for the production of solutions that enrich different applications.

Disadvantages of Using PHP

  • Open-source plugins may bring certain security vulnerabilities.
  • PHP frameworks and plugins can cause online applications to slow down.
  • Debugging tools and applications are limited.
  • PHP's popularity is slightly declining every year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know PHP to use WordPress?

You do not need to know PHP to use WordPress with ready-made themes, but to be a WordPress developer, you need to have a good level of PHP knowledge.

Is PHP front-end or back-end?

PHP is a programming language developed for server-side, meaning back-end processes.

What can be done with PHP?

You can perform tasks such as processing server-side data, editing files located on the server, managing the database, and optimizing server settings with PHP.

How can I learn PHP?

Training videos and PHP documentation are among the leading resources to learn this language. Bootcamp trainings specifically designed for this purpose also significantly speed up the learning process.

What are the participation requirements for bootcamps?

Participation requirements for bootcamp trainings designed for various specialization areas may vary according to the level of training.

Are bootcamp trainings chargeable? bootcamp trainings are completely free.

Where can I apply for job postings?

You can apply through the job postings page.

What requirements should I meet to apply for job postings?

You just need to meet the application conditions specifically defined by the employer.

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