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What is Power Bi?

What is Power Bi?

In this blog post, you will discover what kind of platform Power Bi is, how it has become a critical tool in the business world, and how it has revolutionized the world of business intelligence.

What is Power Bi?

Power BI is Microsoft's cloud-based business analytics and intelligence platform. Business intelligence is essentially about understanding data and the connections between data to accompany decision-making and action. Technologically, Power Bi is a set of tools for converting raw and complex data into meaningful business insights.

Power Bi creates connections to various sources including Excel tables, local databases, or through its more than 140 connectors, allowing for quick information gathering and facilitating efficient and rapid handling of tasks while generating different analyses. Power Bi also performs detailed modeling and real-time analysis, in addition to being a robust, enterprise-level, first-class service.

At this point, the question arises, "What is Microsoft Power Bi?" Microsoft Power Bi is a SaaS platform that allows everyone easy access to their data, the preparation of live dashboards and reports, and the exploration of data through related visualizations at any time. With Microsoft Power Bi, all data, regardless of where it is located, can be viewed in one place, providing a top-down view of business plans.

What are the Features of Microsoft Power Bi?

Power Bi helps organize company data and create visually appealing dashboards. It minimizes expected risks and offers a top-down perspective on company operations. What is MS Power Bi and what are its features? As a cloud-based application, MS Power Bi combines data from Excel or open sources to offer features like interactive dashboards, creative reports, and data analysis that can be shared with other users. The features of Power Bi can be listed as follows:

  • It aids in deriving insights from large data groups: Excel sheets are limited to over a million rows. Excel's performance decreases when working with large data groups without even reaching the standard row limit. Power Bi, on the other hand, helps obtain analytics intelligence solutions and insights from large data groups by compressing data. Well-modeled data consisting of more than 100 million rows can be easily analyzed with Power Bi.
  • It enables the synchronous reporting of scheduled data: Power Bi automatically handles reports with its scheduled update feature, eliminating the need for manual corrections. It updates data quickly and aids in the examination of insights.
  • It helps securely store data and reports: Power Bi assists in the secure protection of data. Through Microsoft's security features, it protects against data loss and offers solutions against it.
  • Customizable reports can be prepared with R and Python: Open-source data packages from R and Python software can be added to the Power Bi interface. Reports can be personalized without software knowledge and enriched with visuals.
  • Multiple data groups can be easily filtered: Only the needed data from multiple data groups can be filtered. Data sources can be easily connected to, and data can be obtained from multiple sources.

Why is Microsoft Power Bi Used?

Microsoft Power Bi was the leader in the analytics and business intelligence platforms 14 times consecutively as of 2021. So, what is Power Bi and what is it used for? Power Bi is one of the world's largest and fastest-growing business intelligence platforms. Power Bi:

  • Helps to develop content more easily and quickly.
  • Offers simpler and more accessible visual and analytical support solutions.
  • Provides more secure and efficient solutions as it operates on Microsoft Azure systems.
  • Offers cross-platform support, allowing access from all devices.
  • Has more affordable licensing fees.
  • With a single license, unlimited user access can be provided on another platform.
    Interactively works and provides services with many applications.

What Can Be Done With Power Bi?

  • Connects data, including multiple data sources.
  • Shapes data with queries.
  • Uses data models to bring together data visualizations and reports.
  • Shares reports for others to benefit, adopt, and share. Sharing reports can be done like other data, but one of the most suitable techniques is uploading the reports to the Power Bi service.

What are the Structural Components of Power Bi?

  • Power Bi Desktop: A Windows desktop application where the data model is created, capable of pulling data from different sources like Excel, SQL, XML, JSON, and where data is cleaned and organized.
  • Power Bi Web Service: Here, workspaces can be viewed and content can be shared with other users. There are three types of licenses in the web service: free, premium, and pro.
  • Power Bi Mobile: A mobile application developed for viewing dashboards and reports.

How Does Power Bi Work?

What is Power Bi and how is it used? Power Bi initially connects to data sources and starts by creating reports on Power Bi Desktop. Then, these reports are transferred from Power Bi Desktop to Power Bi Web for publication. This transfer is done for the realization of Web and Mobile usage. Sometimes, users who share the report may also want to give similar permissions to others to edit the report, create dashboards, and share their own work. With Microsoft Power Bi, you can control the setup, use, and management phases from end to end and use the tool of your choice.

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