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Who is a Software Developer? What Do They Do?

Who is a Software Developer? What Do They Do?

Thinking about where to start your journey to becoming a software developer? This blog is for you!
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Software developers design applications that enable users to perform specific tasks on computers and mobile devices, such as watching movies, creating spreadsheets, and playing games. While some focus more on developing applications, others build large systems that manage devices or control networks. To meet user needs, software developers work by using diagrams and models, writing code, and ensuring overall functionality. Software transcends industries, allowing developers to design programs for a wide variety of fields.

Who is a Software Developer?

A software developer is an expert who develops software, designs systems, creates, tests, and maintains them. These experts are the creative and innovative minds behind programs. Their work largely focuses on creating and improving software for consumers. This includes understanding the needs of consumers, developing necessary programs, monitoring performance, and updating when necessary.

In the field of software development, some experts develop applications, while others code the underlying systems that help power those applications. Thus, software developers can be classified into two main types:

Applications Software Developer: Designs applications for computers and mobile devices. These can be games, word processors, or even specialized software to be sold to consumers.

Systems Software Developer: Creates systems that ensure the proper functioning of software. They often work on industrial, health, scientific, data, and computing applications. In short, a systems software developer designs solutions for organizations.

Beyond these two main types, there are also subcategories in software development. Those working in the field of software development can specialize in the following positions by acquiring additional skills:

  • Backend developer
  • Frontend developer
  • Full-Stack developer
  • Game developer
  • Mobile developer
  • Blockchain developer

What Does a Software Developer Do?

Software developer, yeni bir program veya uygulama oluşturmak için kodlama yapar. Ayrıca, mevcut programların kodunu kontrol eder ve günceller. Tüm gereksinimleri karşılayan bir yazılım sunmak için diğer geliştirici ve müşterilerle yakın işbirliği içinde olması gerekir. Bunlar için yazılım geliştirme süreci boyunca çeşitli görevleri olur. Bu görevler, uçtan uca yazılım geliştirme yaşam döngüsünü içerir. Yazılım geliştirmenin yaşam döngüsü ise şu şekildedir:

Conducting needs analysis: Before starting actual work on a development project, some preliminary assumptions must be made. Therefore, a software developer typically works with the client, end-users, and other stakeholders. As a result of this collaboration, the needs for the application or system are clearly understood. However, the needs analysis does not end there. Developers analyze and document these requirements to clarify the project's scope and objectives.

  • Designing software products: Software developers create design specifications for software applications and systems, including user interfaces, databases, algorithms, and system architectures. They use design tools and methodologies with the aim of creating efficient and scalable solutions. In some projects, they work with UX and UI design experts to organize the appearance and usability of applications.
  • Writing code: Developers write code using a wide range of programming languages, from customizable high-level languages like Java and Python to simple and memory-efficient low-level ones like Assembly. They also use numerous frameworks and libraries for the rapid development of applications and systems.
  • Testing and Debugging: The process of writing code does not always proceed smoothly. It is the responsibility of the software developer to identify and correct errors without harming the system or sensitive data. Therefore, programmers conduct comprehensive tests to identify bugs and other issues. Unit, integration, and performance tests are among the most important.
  • Preparing Documentation: Documentation is a critical part of a developer's job. This allows team members to understand what developments have been made in the code base when necessary. At this stage, software developers prepare various documents, including user and installation guides, API documentation.
  • Keeping up with innovations: A software developer must follow the latest technologies, tools, and trends in the software development field through continuous learning and professional development activities.

How to Become a Software Developer?

To become a software developer, acquiring comprehensive programming knowledge and experience along with social skills is essential. After answering the question "What does a software developer mean?" and deciding to work in this field, you should focus on the following five areas regarding programming knowledge:

  • Data Structures and Algorithms: Learning about arrays, linked lists, stacks, graphs, and algorithms is necessary for sorting, searching, and processing data. Understanding data structures is fundamental to developing efficient software.
  • Mastery of Preferred Programming Language: Gaining programming skills by learning C+, C#, Java, JavaScript, or other popular languages is required. This includes understanding the syntax, data types, control structures, and other language-specific features. Besides the fundamentals of languages, software developers should also learn about supporting technologies like frameworks that are necessary for each specific programming language.
  • Methodology: The software development lifecycle is a complex process that covers multiple stages. Therefore, familiarity with various software development methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, and DevOps is important for developers. Knowing how and when to apply these to real projects is also crucial for effectively managing the lifecycle.
  • Database Management: Databases are a crucial part of every software system. Thus, developers need to be familiar with management systems like SQL, MYSQL, Oracle, and MongoDB.
  • Operating Systems: Knowledge of operating system principles, including process management, file systems, and system calls, is required. It is important for developing software that efficiently operates on different operating systems like Linux, which is frequently used in programming projects.
  • Testing Procedures: There are three basic tests that developers need to know. Unit testing involves evaluating individual lines of code and fields to determine if changes are needed. Integration testing is conducted to check whether different parts of program code are successfully combined. System testing analyzes a product's conformity to user expectations. Developers need to be competent in these tests to ensure project accuracy.
  • Cryptography: Cryptography is the method of storing data that needs to remain secret, typically using an encryption code or password known as a key. Algorithmic formulas are used here. Software developers often use encryption techniques to prevent external agents from learning information about a product.
  • Text Editing Software: Text editing software removes all formatting used in word processors, allowing programmers to create and edit plain text in a standard file. Software developers use these applications when writing the text and symbols needed to transfer code to another system and format it smoothly. Atom, Notepad++, TextMate, and Brackets are some of these applications. Brackets, in particular, can be used on macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems and can be integrated with Git or similar development tools. Atom, being open-source, is another significant text editing software optimized for developers, providing access to Git and other useful tools.

What Education is Required to Become a Software Developer?

To become a software developer, you first need to receive comprehensive education on the syntax and purposes of the most popular programming languages. Mastery of several programming languages such as Java, Python, HTML, CSS, SAS, SQL is essential. In these courses, you will learn about the principles of object-oriented programming. Database management is also among the training that those who want to become software developers should take. Developers can collect and organize larger datasets and perform table design functions in languages like SQL. Additionally, understanding code repositories like Git, as well as having knowledge about Agile and Scrum workflows, is necessary.

For those looking to become developers, you can participate in bootcamp trainings targeted at a wide range of topics, from Git and Github usage to programming languages and web development. These events usually last between 6 to 8 weeks. In the training organized by professionals, you can gain theoretical knowledge as well as apply what you have learned in practice.

What Qualities are Needed to Become a Software Developer?

To become a software developer, in addition to programming skills, you also need to develop personal qualities such as problem-solving ability and effective communication. These play a critical role in the field of software development, as developers work in team-oriented and fast-paced environments. Effective communication is also important for problem-solving and collaboration. The personal qualities that need to be developed include:

  • Communication Skills: Both verbal and written communication skills are critical for a developer to convey ideas, requirements, and technical concepts to team members, clients, and stakeholders. It also requires the ability to understand and interpret feedback and instructions correctly.
  • Teamwork: Development is a collaborative effort that involves working with teams possessing diverse skills and perspectives. The ability to work well in a team, collaborate, share ideas, and contribute to a positive team dynamic is necessary for success.
  • Time Management: Projects typically have a set deadline. Moreover, projects often involve managing multiple tasks at the same time. The ability to effectively manage and plan time is crucial for the successful completion of projects.
  • Problem-Solving: Programming is all about finding solutions to complex problems. Having strong problem-solving skills, including analytical thinking, critical reasoning, and creativity, can help a software developer efficiently identify and overcome challenges.
  • Attention to Detail: Meticulous attention to details is required to ensure accuracy in coding, software testing, and debugging. Even minor errors can lead to significant issues. Attention to detail is crucial in this regard. brings together digital talents with experts in the IT sector. It organizes bootcamp trainings, hackathons, and hiring challenge events for this purpose. If you are interested in working as a software developer and want to develop yourself in this field, you can follow By checking out the career guide page, you can stay informed about the technologies necessary for your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a software developer do?

A software developer analyzes user needs and then designs and develops software to meet those needs. They also inspect clients' current programs and systems, offering suggestions for upgrades.

How long does it take to become a software developer?

Becoming a software developer requires undergoing an education process, producing projects, and gaining coding experience. Learning the basics of coding languages takes a minimum of 3-4 months. Afterwards, you can build a portfolio with individual projects and start working as a software developer with 1 to 3 years of experience.

What are the requirements to participate in a bootcamp?

Anyone aiming for a career in the IT field can participate in bootcamp trainings and learn about the latest technologies. However, as the trainings are offered in many different areas, you can visit the bootcamp page to review the training details, choose the one that suits you, and send your application right away.

Are bootcamp trainings free?

Bootcamp trainings aimed at bringing new digital talents to the IT sector are free.

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