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What does a Quality Assurance Specialist do?

Testers are actively involved in software development processes in general. They ensure the quality and performance of software products, detect and fix bugs, improve the user experience and support the successful completion of projects.

They prepare test plans and test strategies for software products. They are actively involved in the preparation of test cases to determine whether the software is working correctly and to detect errors. In the continuation of manual testing processes, they automate certain functions of the product with the help of automation test tools and accelerate repetitive testing processes to ensure consistent results. Testers stay in constant communication with developers and help them to quickly resolve any bugs found.

In addition to these tasks, they conduct performance tests to measure whether it performs well under high traffic and load, security tests to find security vulnerabilities, and assess data leaks and other security threats.

They provide updates to existing software, contributing to the release of new versions and the continuation of existing versions.

Testers play an important role in ensuring that the product works in a way that meets the expectations of the users. They are actively involved in early detection and correction of bugs and providing necessary feedback to the development team.

How to become a Quality Assurance Specialist?

First of all, it is important to have a basic knowledge of testing. You can therefore start by reading books on testing or researching online resources.

Graduating from any undergraduate or associate degree program can be important in terms of having a basic level of knowledge, but anyone interested in testing can invest in learning the basics.

Knowing the tools used in this field has many benefits. Test management tools such as TestRail, TestLink, bug tracking tools such as JIRA, Bugzilla, Redmine are the most commonly used tools. In addition, you can learn programming languages such as Java and/or Python to automate software testing.

Obtaining certificates in the relevant field will also make a significant contribution to your career development. ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certification is widely accepted in this field.

Attending industry events, events organized by and bootcamps will also be beneficial for you to gain new knowledge and keep your existing knowledge up to date.


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