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Top 8 PHP Frameworks

Top 8 PHP Frameworks

Instead of getting lost in the labyrinths of PHP, you can start doing an elegant dance with frameworks between codes! ­čĺâ

Top 8 PHP Frameworks

Beginners in the software world may wonder, ÔÇťWhat is a PHP framework?ÔÇŁ Today, a library that combines the PHP codes required by developers for their intended projects is called a PHP framework. Frameworks that operate with a free and open-source code system are used for developing applications. In the web application development phase, software developers have a heavy workload. Frameworks used by a large user community reduce the workload of developers and provide the support they need during the project development process.

What are the Top 8 PHP Frameworks?

For your applications and other projects in the field of web technologies, you may need frameworks developed with various features. You need support from many libraries for projects you want to develop with PHP codes. The best frameworks that support this purpose of developers and enhance the performance of the project can be listed as:

  • Laravel: Highly performant, Laravel is often the first name that comes to mind when discussing PHP frameworks. It can be easily integrated with different technologies, making it a top choice for developing high-level applications. Developed with the Model View Controller architecture, it's frequently chosen by most developers today thanks to its user-friendly interface. Fully integrated with the renewed PHP 5.3 version, Laravel operates under the MIT license and is free to use. Laravel is rich in Turkish resources. It offers an advanced template engine and can run asynchronous tasks in the background, making it high in efficiency and performance.
  • Symfony: Released by Fabien Potencier in 2005, Symfony is a free framework. It's among the top three most successful frameworks and offers developers full performance success with its useful component features. Easy to learn, Symfony aids developers in controlling their projects as they wish thanks to its automatic testing feature. It supports databases like MySQL, MongoDB, PostreSQL, and NoSQL, and boasts an advanced and rich command processing system. Websites like Bla Bla Car, eMAG, National Geographic, and TED are examples developed using Symfony.
  • CodeIgniter: Ideal for beginners to PHP, CodeIgniter supports PHP 5.1.6 and above. Using its rich library, you can develop your project with fewer lines of code. CodeIgniter, which offers rich documentation support, supports databases like MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, ODBC, and SQLite. It's free to use with open-source code support and runs source code in about 2 MB of space. This software, which offers strong features in terms of security, allows you to develop high-performance applications. Websites designed with CodeIgniter include notable examples like Nissan, Buffer, Feedcump, and Casio Computers.
  • FuePHP: Developed by Dan Horrigan in 2010, FuePHP is newer compared to other frameworks. This software, compatible with PHP7, supports databases like MySQL, PDO, and MySQLi, and offers HMVC support. With its object-oriented approach, FuePHP provides a reliable development environment. Ready to provide the support developers need at any moment due to its wide user base, it boasts a small library support. Projects and debugging are executed very successfully with this framework. Websites designed with FuePHP include aotak.me, teleportz.com.ar, and bushidotickets.com.
  • CakePHP: Created by Michal Tatarynowicz in 2005, CakePHP is open source. It is among the most successful frameworks and is used for developing commercial web applications. Supporting databases like SQLite 3, SQL Server 2018, Oracle, and MySQL 5, it includes many updates in its new versions. Designed based on the Ruby on Rails system, CakePHP offers a user-friendly interface and form, making it an ideal choice for those wanting to develop projects quickly. Websites designed with CakePHP include followmy.tv, educationunlimited.com, mapme.com, and mygasfeed.com.
  • Yii2: The first version of Yii2, designed in 2006, was developed by Qiang Xue. It was then updated to version 1.00 in 2008. As one of the most successful frameworks, Yii2 is open-source for Web 2.0 applications and supports databases like MySQL, CUBRID, Oracle, SQLite, and MSSQL. It operates codes required by developers very successfully and is a great choice for designing reliable websites. Popular sites developed with Yii2 include vice.com, realself.com, noisey.com, and stay.com.
  • Zend: Established by Zend Technologies, this framework is MVC-based. Its component-based structure helps you focus on the features you want to use. Zend can be easily integrated with other platforms and supports databases like Pgsql, Sqlite, Pdo_Pgsql, and Mysqli. Renowned websites developed with Zend include drako.it, intuit.ru, supermarket.am, and disneyparks.disney.go.com.
  • Phalcon: Written in the C programming language, Phalcon is among the most popular frameworks, known for its fast infrastructure. As an MVC-based application, Phalcon is open source and can be used for free under the BSL license. It's especially designed for those aiming to develop high-performance applications. Websites designed with Phalcon include DescontoCupom, Socialveo, Learny Online, and Outsmart.


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