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What is a Hackathon Competition? What is the Purpose of a Hackathon?

What is a Hackathon Competition? What is the Purpose of a Hackathon?

In this blog, we have provided you with in-depth information about hackathons, which are described as coding festivals.
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Hackathon, also known as a coding festival, is a social event that brings together developers and those curious about coding. In these events, developers participate to solve problems or complete large projects requiring collaboration. During a hackathon competition, participants strive to advance in projects and develop solutions by introducing new techniques, standards, or personal programming styles. Understanding the purpose of these events can help you determine whether participating in one could offer you opportunities to gain new skills or advance your career.

What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is an event designed primarily for coding and using certain technologies to achieve a goal. These events are usually hosted by a technology company or organizations. The term "hackathon" is a blend of "hacker," meaning a clever programmer, and "marathon," indicating endurance. Known worldwide as a coding festival, coding is often just one component of the projects at these events. At the end of the event, a jury evaluates the entire work, including coding.

Most hackathon competitions start with a brief introduction to the theme underlying the event. Then, the organizing company explains the rules to the participants. After the rules, participants present their basic product concepts. Teams are formed based on the participants' skills and special interests. Once teams are formed, participants start collaborating and working on their projects. After all projects are completed, the jury usually awards a prize to the winning team. Most events generally share a similar model, which includes the following characteristics:

  • 1-2 Day Events: Events usually last between 24 to 48 hours. Participants rarely take breaks during this event to finish their projects on time.
  • Competitive Environment: The event is generally based on competition to determine which participant can produce the best project or complete tasks within the required time. Therefore, if you're participating in the competition, you need to develop your time management skills.
  • Sponsored Events: Technology companies often sponsor hackathon events to bring various programmers together to collaborate and code.

At the end of the competition, participants can follow up on networking opportunities, and employers often discover new talents here. In some cases, employment is the prize of the hackathon.

What makes these competitions successful is the flexibility to be creative. Although technology experts may set a particular approach or corporate policies, participants are generally exempt from traditional development restrictions. Organizers often do not impose a strict structure despite the time constraints. With these features, hackathons manage to be an extremely productive environment, providing technology enthusiasts with a fun and unusual experience. These competitions are events where new ideas are generated, places where new concepts and ideas for creating products and technologies are regularly applied.

Why are Hackathons Organized?

Hackathons are organized to provide developers and other experts with opportunities to contribute to learning solutions and to offer new connections. In these hackathons, which consist of many participants from developers to data scientists, teams come together to create prototypes in a short time. However, the purpose and themes of hackathons can vary. The most common types of hackathons are:

Internal Hackathons: Organized by medium to large-scale companies with multiple offices and departments worldwide to work towards a similar goal together. Tech giants like Facebook organize these events to innovate on products and encourage creativity.

External Hackathons: These events attract a larger audience as organizations work with both internal and external participants. External hackathons are organized to recruit new talent, accelerate creative ideas, and product development. Participants often attract the attention of sponsors who can provide support, awards, and mentorship. These sponsors include technology companies, startups, and academic institutions.

Online Hackathons: Large companies organize online hackathons to recruit talented individuals worldwide and collaborate with them. These hackathons are conducted online using collaboration tools such as Asana, Zoom, Slack, or Skype.

Application-Specific Hackathons: Aimed at creating mobile applications and application programming interfaces (APIs), operating systems, and video game updates.

Industry-Specific Hackathons: Although organized by technology companies, these events are also organized in different sectors.

Corporate Hackathons: Events organized by companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google aim to encourage participation in product development.

Language Hackathons: Events organized around specific languages, such as C++ or .NET.

Who Can Participate in a Hackathon?

Hackathons are open to anyone who wants to participate. These competitions generally bring together a diverse and inclusive community of people to create, learn, and have fun while solving a common problem. They often attract software developers, product managers, designers, and many others. However, who can participate fundamentally depends on the industry and the purpose of the hackathon. Although it varies depending on the purpose of the competition, all hackathons require teamwork, time management, and pitching skills.

If you want to participate in a hackathon, you need to acquire computer skills and experience that can help you succeed in these types of competitions. Even though competitions often do not require specific degrees and qualifications, you should be knowledgeable about the basic topics of the hackathon you plan to participate in. If you aim to participate in a competition that involves your expertise, you should research what to expect at the event. Also, remember that speed is essential in the hackathon you participate in, and those who complete their projects early will have an advantage in the competition. Many programming events take place within a 24 to 48-hour timeframe. Therefore, you should be ready to stay alert and awake for several hours.

Why Should You Participate in a Hackathon?

Anyone looking to enter the technology field should consider participating in a hackathon for a valuable learning experience. These events offer the opportunity to meet new people who share an interest in the subjects and technologies you care about, while also providing chances to learn and develop new skills more quickly. Even if your experience in the field is limited, participating in a hackathon competition can offer a chance to add a significant achievement to your resume. The advantages of participating in these competitions include:

  • Hackathons create new career opportunities. Even if the prize of the competition you participate in is not direct employment, the new people you meet can help you redirect your career.
  • Employers are always looking to identify new talent that stands out. Listing this event on your resume offers an opportunity to show potential employers that you are both skilled and passionate.
  • These events, which inspire teamwork, also strengthen collaboration skills. Even if you participate in some events individually, you can exchange ideas with many people during the competition.
  • These events contribute to developing new skills. During the timed event, you can experience coding languages, techniques, industry tools, and leadership skills that you haven't accessed before.
  • Since good time management is required during the competition, you can gain experience in managing time effectively. You will aim to complete tasks quickly during the event to score more points than your competitors.
  • Completing tasks at a hackathon can increase your motivation and passion. It can also contribute to your confidence in your abilities as you progress towards a goal, as these competitions also include experts who can provide professional feedback and motivate you to take on more advanced programming challenges.
  • The competitive environment and the challenging aspects of the competition can also increase your motivation to code, which can be encouraging for pursuing future projects.
  • If you are curious about technology, participating in such events allows you to gain more knowledge about the tech world. You have the chance to learn and develop by experiencing the latest tools in your field.
  • During these events, you are provided with real data to work on, which can support you in gaining insights on how to solve these problems in future works.
  • By participating in a hackathon, you can develop a new product that helps you grow as a developer or take your existing expertise to the next level.

Many popular startups and products were born during hackathon competitions, thus supporting many individuals who have been successful in their sector. The most popular products and applications developed during hackathons include:

  • Facebook Updates: Many of Facebook's popular features were developed during hackathons, including the Like button, chat, and timeline.
  • Talkdesk: A cloud-based call center recognized at a Twilio hackathon in 2011.
  • GroupMe: A successful example from hackathons, designed during the TechCrunch Disrupt 2010 hackathon. Shortly after its development, Skype purchased the application for more than $40 million.
  • Zapier: Its founders presented the demo of Zapier's web application at a hackathon, leading to its win and establishing it among the world's top automation tools.
  • Twitter: One of the world's most famous social media platforms, Twitter, was recognized during an Odeo hackathon.

If you're looking for a free learning, skill-acquiring, and collaboration experience, hackathons can be an ideal platform. Whether you're confident in your technical skills or just want to experience this competitive atmosphere, you should keep an eye on the events published on the hackathon page. Not only hackathons, but you can also find special bootcamp trainings on These trainings are organized in various fields, just like hackathons, allowing you to apply for the training in the area you want to develop and prepare thoroughly for the upcoming competitions. During the bootcamp trainings organized by experts in the field, you don't just acquire theoretical knowledge. You also get the opportunity to transform everything you learn in theory into real projects. To take advantage of all these opportunities, you should keep an eye on

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for a hackathon competition?

You can prepare for a hackathon competition by researching the event theme and setting a plan. Based on this plan, you should set goals for yourself and think about why you are participating in the competition. Here, will your goal be to win the competition or to acquire new skills? Depending on your goal, you can prepare for the competition by forming a team and working on a quick draft of what to do during the competition on paper.

Can beginners in coding participate in a hackathon?

Beginners in coding can participate in hackathons. Events are organized for people of all experience levels and ages. Some events may even help you improve your basic coding skills. Moreover, completing a project in a hackathon does not only require developers. Teams in the competition consist of different roles necessary for the work to be done well.

What are the participation requirements for bootcamps?

Participation requirements for bootcamps vary depending on the type of training being offered. However, there are bootcamp trainings suitable for everyone interested in technology. To choose the right training for you, you can keep an eye on the bootcamps offered in the field you want to specialize in.

Are bootcamp trainings free?

There is no fee for bootcamp trainings. The purpose of these trainings is to bring talented individuals into the IT sector. You can select the training suitable for you from the bootcamp page and click the "Apply" button to create your free registration for the training.

How can I join the Discord channel?

Joining the Discord channel is quite easy. To become a member of the Discord community, simply click on the link By joining the community, you can get information about active events, hackathon competitions, trainings, and the latest news in the world of technology.



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