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Learn to Code with ImagiCharm!

Learn to Code with ImagiCharm!

What is imagiCharm and what can you learn? Let's take a closer look!

Learn to Code with imagiCharm!

Coding is the process of converting computer commands into a form that the computer can understand. Every website and application works with codes written by programmers. But you should not limit yourself to technology to use coding. Today, even though they have bachelor's degrees in different departments, most people turn to software and receive training in coding. At the same time, people of all ages can learn and use it in their work. In this article, you will find the answer to the question of what is imagiCharm in detail.

How Coding Works?

All code is placed within a machine with the knowledge of performing a specific task. In every moment of internet use, your device uses a binary base-sequence coding system. It uses a sequence of "1" and "0" that tells the inputs and outputs of the pages opened on your computer based on the internet. This is a secure way to store data and process information. These processes are more efficient and faster in high-level programming languages such as Python, JavaScript and Java.  Each of the software languages is preferred for different uses. But basically, all software languages are a set of codes that translate human speech into the internet and translate it into a low-level language based on binary.  Using these high-level programming languages, programmers and developers enter specific codes to get output from computers.

What are the Benefits of Coding Training?

  • Industries outside of tech recognize the benefits of coding and it is even taught in primary school. So studying coding is the first step toward a career in technology.
  • Coding helps you to understand technology.
  • Improves problem-solving skills.
  • Coding is a universal language today.
  • With the rapid development of technology, coding and software are needed in almost every sector, so knowing coding offers a wide range of career choices.

What is imagiCharm?

The gender gap in tech companies and interest in technology is a known problem. According to Girls Who Code, the number of female computer scientists and software developers has dropped by more than 10% since 1995, and many girls between the ages of 13 and 17 have lost interest in technology and software. To get more young girls interested in coding, a female-led Swedish startup called imagiLabs has launched a smart keychain and app that teaches young women to code in a fun and gamified way called imagigirls. imagiCharm is a colorful accessory designed for women to customize directly from their mobile phones that provides coding education for women. While imagiCharm is designed for girls aged 12 to 16, it is a product for anyone who wants to explore their creativity through programming and shape the future with technology. It is easy to use, portable and has many different ways to carry it. ImagiCharm can be attached to backpacks, wallets or jackets and easily carried throughout the day. It can be attached to keys, worn as a necklace, headband or even earrings. It is an all-in-one accessory that can be worn differently every day.

What can you learn on imagiCharm?

Designers and developers have an enjoyable mobile experience to complement imagiCharm. The program teaches Python software language to its users. With imagiCharm, the company offers many young users the possibility to create their own designs and at the same time to do it in the most fun way of programming in a pleasant learning process. From beginner to advanced courses, you will learn to program in Python and get instant feedback while learning to code with imagiCharm. Gamified and fun, you can unlock a new unlock at every step as you learn smart ways to use programming to create cool and complex designs. You can create shapes, animations, small games or program notifications from the Python coding environment in ImagiLabs. Once you've finished your design, you can check if the code you've written is correct and learn to debug bugs just like a developer does. You can save your unfinished designs to come back to them later. You can meet other people who share your interest in technology and showcase your designs in communities. You can like, comment, tag, and even try each other's code. You can help other users with more complex coding and come up with new ideas together.


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