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Graduating During the Pandemic: Job Search Tips for Life After University

Graduating During the Pandemic: Job Search Tips for Life After University

If you have also graduated during the pandemic, we have a few suggestions to help you overcome the challenges of this period.

Graduating During the Pandemic: Job Search Tips for Life After University

The pandemic period managed to make its mark in world history as an unprecedented time on a global scale, occurring in an era where technology has advanced to such a degree that it was seen as strange. During this period, many processes did not progress in their normal course, leading to numerous changes in the flow of life. Looking at the economic aspect of these changes, most sectors reconsidered their entire operation, from working hours to staff recruitment. While some sectors gained more profit during this process, others came to a standstill.

In this period where many differences occur in the working life, many university students are entering a post-university job search process, where they can steer their careers. If you are one of these graduates and you are looking for a job, you can benefit from the job search tips provided by experts. By considering these recommendations and taking steps accordingly, you can enter a more informed job search. In this job search process, where certain aspects may differ from the times before the pandemic, you can gain an advantage and turn this challenging period into an opportunity for yourself.

1. Building a Network or Expanding Your Existing Network

As a new graduate, you may constantly be asking yourself how to find a job and you may think that there are very few steps you can take, especially during the pandemic. The differences you can make in terms of self-improvement while searching for a job are exactly the answer to this question. Taking into account the post-university job search tips and implementing them can help you be less affected by the limitations caused by the pandemic.

One important recommendation for the question of how a new graduate can find a job is to build a network, which is one of the essentials of the professional life. Moreover, there are many online ways to build a network. When creating your network, it is important that the individuals have a good career in the field you graduated from and want to work in. You can find these individuals by looking at online platforms or company websites, and then you can connect with them through email or job search platforms to have the opportunity to meet.

You can gain new information from these connections and engage in discussions on various topics related to the field. Especially, the advice from employees who have a say in the hiring process at their company can be very important for you. These individuals can inform you about job openings at their company as soon as possible, increasing your chances. Furthermore, having people in your network who are willing to provide you with references can impress the employer at the company you are applying to. The network you create can give you an advantage in the hiring process, putting you ahead of your competitors.

2. Increasing Your Chances of Being Hired by Acquiring New Skills

There are many recommendations for those who want to find a job after graduating during the pandemic. One of these recommendations is to acquire new skills while searching for a job. Especially in this period where online education and certification programs have significantly increased and gained importance, you can take advantage of these trainings and develop yourself in the areas you need.

When deciding on the areas you need, you can examine the resumes of people working in similar jobs or research the qualifications expected from you in job listings. After this research, you can identify the areas where you are lacking and decide on the areas and trainings in which you can improve yourself. This way, you increase your chances in a potential hiring process and have the opportunity to demonstrate to the employer that you have developed yourself during this period.

3. Internship as One of the Best Ways to Gain Work Experience

Even if you graduate during the pandemic, one of the points that employers value and frequently encounter in hiring processes is whether or not you have work experience. In this regard, internships are important in finding a job after university as they provide work experience. By determining the field or company you want to work in and develop your career, you can make decisions accordingly. You may think that there are fewer internship opportunities compared to before, but with the increased pace of online development in this period, you can also find internship opportunities online. Successfully completing an internship provides you with a criterion that will give you an advantage in job applications. If you cannot find an internship announcement in the field you want to intern in, you can reach out to the company you want to intern at via email and make a request, giving it a try.

4. Adapting to Post-Pandemic Working Conditions

Adapting to the changing conditions after the pandemic is of great importance in finding a job after university. Particularly during this period, researching which companies are growing and developing, and what changes they have made in their working conditions, can increase your chances of finding a job in those companies. This way, you can gain insights into many changing aspects. For employers, it is crucial to adapt to online working conditions, which many employees have not experienced before. You can educate yourself to be able to focus on your work without distractions in a different environment outside of the office and successfully manage remote teamwork.

5. Giving More Importance to Social Media

It is common to hear statements like "I have two university degrees and I am unemployed" frequently. While there are various reasons for unemployment, it is important to focus on expert recommendations such as how university graduates can find a job. One of these recommendations is to give more importance to social media compared to before. This is because most job postings and internship opportunities are now shared on social media accounts of companies or platforms aimed at supporting career development. In this era where everything is becoming more digital, keeping up with these job postings and being one of the first applicants becomes highly important. You can shape your own social media accounts accordingly and especially follow websites or accounts related to your field. Companies also prefer to have a following of engaged employees, which can give you an advantage in the hiring process.

6. Enhancing Your Resume

The achievements that university graduates demonstrate until their graduation greatly influence the job search process during the pandemic. In this regard, the influence of the university on finding a job is considerable. However, adding experiences and other positive accomplishments to your resume after graduation also contributes to the job search process. In this regard, you can add new skills to yourself and seize the opportunity to improve your resume while searching for a job. One of the best ways to do this is to work in internships or part-time jobs to directly experience work environments. You can even request to do this unpaid and still have the chance to gain experience. Additionally, you can participate in certified or non-certified courses to acquire new skills in your field. This can be another detail that enhances your resume. Engaging in activities such as attending conferences and congresses or learning new languages in your free time can also benefit you in terms of improving your resume, which will be evaluated in the job search process.


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