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TechReport 2023 Developer and Employer Report

TechReport 2023 Developer and Employer Report

Based on the survey we conducted with you, we have compiled detailed information about the position of the technology sector in Turkey, recent changes, and future demands.
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TechReport 2023 Developer and Employer Report

At, we conducted a comprehensive research to understand the latest trends, expectations, and demands in the technology sector. We conducted survey studies with over 1,000 employees, candidates interested in the technology field, and more than 200 companies to delve into recent developments and expectations within the industry. This report thoroughly examines the position of the technology sector in Turkey, recent changes, and future expectations and demands.

The purpose of this report is to provide a guide for both job seekers and companies, aiming to raise awareness among individuals and firms operating in or considering entering the technology sector. Recognizing that software developers and what we call digital talents are becoming increasingly important for employers, we aim to foster the growth of the industry on a more solid foundation by matching the right talents with the right companies. We believe that this report will make a significant contribution to achieving our goal. You can find a few highlights and the access link to the TechReport 2023 Developer and Employer Report in the content of our blog. :)

The "working model" is a determining factor in job selection for developers!

The increasing global demand for the software and technology sector has made the value of talented individuals in this field more pronounced. Therefore, as the technology career platform, we conducted comprehensive research to understand the current trends, expectations, and requirements of the industry. Here are some key highlights from this research! The recent changes in the information technology sector in Turkey and worldwide, evolving working conditions, and shifting expectations highlight the growing importance of being able to respond to these changes. conducted a survey with over 1,000 employees in the technology sector, candidates interested in the industry, and more than 200 companies to deeply analyze the current state, expectations, and future plans of the sector. Let's take a closer look at some of the significant findings from this research together.

The Diversity of Resources Used by Software Developers

According to the survey results, a significant portion of beginner software developers appear to be inclined towards self-learning. At the same time, bootcamp programs and university education still play a prominent role in the learning process.

Prominent Programming Languages in Software

According to the analysis, JavaScript and C# stand out as the most commonly used languages, with both languages being actively used at a rate of 52%. However, while interest in these languages remains steady, there is a growing demand trend observed in Python.

Specializations and Future Career Goals of Candidates

Backend technology stands out as the most popular field of interest among developers, followed by Full-stack and Front-end. This reflects the popularity of application and web-based projects, leading to an increase in the number of developers working in these areas.

Companies' Workforce Requirements

The most preferred positions in the hiring processes of companies are determined as "Back-End Developer" (15%) and "Front-End Developer" (13%). It can be stated that companies in the technology sector are particularly focused on software development and require talented professionals in these positions.

Priorities in Candidates' Job Selection

The salary offers made by companies stand out as the most striking feature in job selection. However, this does not mean that candidates only have financial expectations. "Working conditions" play a more significant role in job choices compared to other factors.


Thanks to our comprehensive research completed in September 2023, we had the opportunity to establish close contact with companies and candidates in the technology sector. During this period, we grasped the pulse of the industry, allowing us to better understand its dynamics. By listening to the opinions of both candidates and companies, we have created a valuable source of information about the trends, needs, and expectations in the technology sector.

The technology sector has a continuously changing and evolving structure. For this reason, such survey studies are extremely important in keeping up with the changes in the sector and in determining the right strategies. The findings we have obtained have the potential to help both candidates shape their career paths and companies to create the right recruitment and talent management strategies. If you would like to examine the TechReport 2023 Developer and Employer Survey in detail, you can click here.

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