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Sıfırdan Back-End Bootcamp (Ücretli) - Acunmedya Akademi

Sıfırdan Back-End Bootcamp (Ücretli) - Acunmedya Akademi

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What’s a Hackathon?
What’s a Hackathon?

What’s a Hackathon?

Hackathons are competitions where tech talent interested in data science, product management or software, mobile app and game development participate, prove themselves ahead of others and win prizes or a chance to land a job. Hackathons can be organized by a company as well as a community or an NGO.

Participation changes according to hackathon setup; solo or team participations are possible. The aim is to code new ideas and/or products, impress the jury and be eligible for the prizes. It’s widely known that many companies launch the ideas that come up in hackathons, integrate them into their products and offer internships/jobs to the winners.

Who Can Participate? 👀

  • New graduates or senior students planning a tech career
  • Juniors in technology field who want to develop themselves with latest technologies
  • Experts in certain areas of technology, yet want to expand their area of expertise by learning new fields,
  • Currently working on other professions, yet who are interested in technology and shifting their career towards this area can participate in bootcamps free of charge!

What Awaits You? 🎯

Participate solo or with your team; learn & have fun
Show your creative thinking
Complete tasks using new technologies
Win prizes or a chance to land your dream job

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Mobile App Hackathon

Mobile App Hackathon

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A hackathon is an event that is an intense creativity marathon and often focuses on technology. Hackathons provide a space where participants come together to create new projects and develop solutions to problems or make prototypes over a period of time. These activities are usually done individually or on a team basis. Hackathons are organized to encourage innovation, bring ideas to life quickly and develop problem-solving skills. Participants focus on a problem within a limited time frame and work on projects to solve or improve that problem. Hackathons; focuses on a specific topic or sector such as health, energy, education, environmental or social issues. Hackathons are often attended by technology and innovation enthusiasts such as programmers, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs. These events offer participants the opportunity to explore new technologies, collaborate and showcase their projects. Mentors and expert juries attend hackathons, guide and evaluate participants. It usually takes place under a tight time limit and encourages participants to push the limits of their creativity. In these activities; many abilities can be developed, such as technical skills, collaboration, communication and presentation skills. Those who attend hackathons often have the opportunity to meet new people and connect with potential business partners. The question of what is a hackathon ; are called exciting activities that encourage innovation, collaboration and problem-solving skills. Participants have the opportunity to learn and grow while developing creative projects in a limited amount of time.

Hackathon Competitions

what is a hackathon competition is answered as exciting events where talented individuals in the field of technology and innovation come together and develop projects within a certain period of time. In these competitions, participants usually form a team to solve a specific problem or focus on a specific issue. Teams try to complete a project within a limited time frame using their skills of ideation, prototyping, coding and presentation. Hackathon competitions are usually judged by a jury and the most successful projects are rewarded. These awards are; benefits such as financial support, collaboration opportunities, or promoting the project. Hackathon competitions provide participants with opportunities to explore new technologies, gain experience, network and collaborate. These competitions often provide an ideal environment for young entrepreneurs, students, programmers, designers and tech enthusiasts. By participating in these competitions, participants get a chance to test themselves, improve their skills and bring new ideas to life. Hackathon competitions provide an environment where participants can interact with each other, find new business partners and receive mentoring support. All in all, hackathon competitions are exciting events that offer a great opportunity for individuals active in technology and innovation. Relevant persons, by participating in these competitions; they can show their creativity, develop new projects and discover their own talents. These competitions are an important source of experience for individuals who want to follow current trends in the industry and advance their careers.

Hackathon Türkiye Events

Hackathon Turkey is a platform where exciting events in the field of technology and innovation in our country are brought together. Hackathon events held in different regions of Turkey encourage young talents. It supports the entrepreneurial spirit and enables innovative projects to emerge. This event includes competitions that focus on a variety of topics. Hackathon events are organized in many different sectors such as health, energy, education, environment, agriculture, mobile applications. In these competitions, the participants come together to offer innovative solutions for the identified problems or needs. An important part of Hackathon Turkey also draws attention with the support and opportunities it offers to the participants. Participants in a hackathon event; they can benefit from mentoring programs, interact with experienced professionals in the sector and have the opportunity to develop their projects. Various awards, investment opportunities or cooperation opportunities are offered to the winning projects in Hackathon competitions. Hackathon Türkiye; It brings together young talents, entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts, encouraging innovation and contributing to the technology ecosystem in our country. These events allow young people to discover their potential, collaborate and bring their projects to life. Hackathon Turkey contributes to the advancement of our country in the field of technology by supporting sectoral cooperation and the emergence of innovative projects. Another important aspect of this event is the promotion of diversity and inclusion. Participants from all age groups, professions and industries can join the hackathon. College students, professionals, entrepreneurs, software developers, designers and many more can take part in hackathon events. This diversity enables different perspectives to come together to create more innovative and inclusive projects.

How to Apply for Hackathon?

Getting involved in these exciting events is easy by following a few steps to join hackathons.

  • As a first step, various hackathon platforms can be browsed. Hackathons are usually announced online and registration is done online. These platforms provide information about organized hackathon events and manage the registration process.
  • As a second step, the hackathons that you are interested in and want to participate in can be determined while doing research. The most suitable ones can be selected by considering the subject, date, target audience and other details.
  • Applying for hackathons is usually done through the online application form. The application process involves filling out a form in which participants introduce their talents and projects. The deadline for applications and required documents can be followed carefully and the application can be completed on time.
  • There is usually the option to join hackathons as a team or individually. If you want to join as a team, a suitable team can be created or a team can be found using the team search options on hackathon platforms.
  • Some research can be done on the topic or technology to be studied before participating. Online resources or training platforms can be used to develop the skills needed. It can also be practiced to strengthen problem solving, communication and presentation skills.
  • After the application is approved, the hackathon date and schedule can be followed carefully. Relevant documents, technical requirements and event schedule can be reviewed. When the day of the event comes, you can attend the event at the specified time and take an active part in workshops or mentoring sessions to develop the project.

You can easily apply by following the Hackathon application process. This way, creativity can be displayed, skills developed and new people connected.

How to create Hackathon Teams?

Hackathon teams usually consist of five to ten people and bring together individuals with different abilities. Since hackathons are usually held online, how teams will be formed is determined accordingly. Participants usually apply by completing an application form during the registration process and stating their interests, skills and experience. Event organizers pay attention to a complementary distribution of diversity and talents when creating appropriate teams by taking these applications into account. Hackathon teams are often made up of individuals from different disciplines. a team; It can include people who specialize in different fields such as programmers, designers, business development specialists and marketing strategists. This diversity enables different perspectives and skills to come together to help produce innovative solutions. Attention is also paid to communication and cooperation skills so that team members can work in harmony with each other. team members; Holds regular meetings to clarify project goals, share tasks, and create collaborative strategies. With online collaboration tools, team members can effectively communicate, resolve issues, and track progress. Online hackathons are usually conducted through communication and collaboration tools. Teams use digital platforms and online collaboration tools to manage projects. This way, team members can share ideas, assign tasks, track progress and present results. Hackathon teams; It consists of individuals with diverse skills, abilities and interests. These teams create fast and innovative solutions by communicating and collaborating through hackathon online platforms and online tools.

What is a hackathon?

Hackathons are creative events where participants work intensively to develop new ideas, projects or technological solutions over a period of time. In these activities, a certain issue or problem is tried to be solved by using software, hardware or other technologies.


Who can attend hackathons?

Participants from various fields can participate in hackathons. Usually software developers, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, students and tech enthusiasts can attend the event. Participation is generally open to all and may not require special skills or experience.


What kind of projects can be developed in hackathons?

Various projects can be developed in hackathons. For example, applications, websites, games, data analysis tools, robots, artificial intelligence-based solutions, IoT (Internet of Things) projects and many more technological projects can be successfully completed in hackathons.


Can I join a hackathon alone?

Yes, you can participate in a hackathon alone. Many hackathons are open to both individual participants and teams. If you do not want to form a team, you can find hackathons that allow you to participate individually and participate in the event that way.


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